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Brexit – Local Market and Globalization

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On March 29, Theresa May, Britain prime minister, informed the European Union that the UK would trigger Article 50, i.e. the beginning of the negotiation with the European Union to withdraw UK from the Union (the so called Brexit). Article …

Open Innovation – Part 2

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The Key to Success is Communication and Trust – by Giorgio Dell’Acqua, PhD

Open innovation is about bringing ideas to business and to market. In order to achieve this goal a network of multilateral collaborations need to be put in …

Open Innovation – Part 1

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Co-creating with the World to Accelerate New Consumer Solutions – by Prithwiraj Maitra, PhD

Our Industry is evolving at a very rapid pace driven by new products, new market segments and new business models. How do companies keep pace with …

Seaweeds – Cosmetic Applications

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The ocean bioflora is rich in plants producing molecules essential for their survival that can be useful to protect our skin.

Seaweeds are an amazing source of natural molecules for both nutrition and topical use. They are rich sources of …