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Digital Age of Beauty – DAY 2

Digital Age of Beauty – DAY 2
by james.runkle@drummondst.com

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Digital Age of Beauty – Day 2

May 16th, 2018 (10:00am-1:00pm)

Meeting Room – 1A21 – adjacent to the show floor

Moderator:  Jeb Gleason-Allured – Editor-in-Chief – Global Cosmetic Industry

DAY 2 Description

The overall program will unveil key strategies and innovations that are driving product development, speed to market and e-strategies that create consumer engagement. Day 2 focuses on e-Marketing solutions driving consumer engagement – and are ultimately impacting final production.


10:00am – 10:20am

“Private Eye: How Digital Technologies are Influencing Product Purchase”

Sarah Jindal – Senior Global Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care – Mintel

Digital technology will follow consumers everywhere, influencing their product purchases and helping them to navigate the complexities of the beauty aisle.

Digital technology will make shopping more personal in 2018. Beauty brands will use consumers’ faces not only as canvases for their products, but also as a way to track their likes and dislikes, and guide them through the shopping experience. Apps will become digital personal assistants, while voice-based technology will evolve to curate products. Overlying all of these developments will be the ever pervasive social media, converting beauty tourists into beauty shoppers.This will come at a price for the beauty industry, however, as consumers recognize the value of their biometric data and demand either privacy or compensation.

Data security will become more important than ever. Across the globe, governments are recognizing the need for greater data protection and are taking steps to put legislation in place that compels all businesses to seek consumer consent, disclose tracking, and offer consumers the right to be forgotten.

10:25am- 10:50am 

“Using Your Unique Voice to Engage, Story Tell, and Create Brand Awareness In A Digital World”

Jennifer Walsh – CEO – Behind the Brand/The Healthy Entrepreneur

Consumers are being bombarded with ads to buy anything and everything. Every brand is trying to get their attention and their attention is going everywhere at once.  Learn how to tell a great story, sell with authenticity and have your buyers become your ambassadors in the digital arena.

10:55am – 11:20am 

“Designing Packaging for Omni-Channel Beauty Consumers”

Sheri L. Koeting – CEO  – MSLK

Designing packaging to perform across all of today’s media and shopping channels is akin to preparing for a tri-athalon. Your packaging must be “fit” and noteworthy in a variety of key areas.

We will review environmental and media factors crucial to guarantee that your package is designed to perform across: retail, e-commerce, social media, public relations, and home shopping. It takes a blend of both visual and linguistic cues to ensure your brand story connects with your audience and stands apart from the competition.

When armed with the objective lenses outlined above, subjective decisions about packaging design can become much more objective.

COFFEE BREAK - 11:25am - 11:45am

11:45am – 12:10pm

“Product Innovation, Personalization & Customization through Digitalization”

Anne Karagoz – President – Coptis, Inc.

Using technology and digital solutions can reduce frustrating and time-consuming procedures while improving traceability, efficiency and ingredient sourcing. The ability to update, personalize, and customize formulations can be a time-consuming process for formulators, however, there are solutions in cosmetic R&D that are aimed at continuously improving formulator’s laboratory work, while assisting in regulatory issues and compliance.

Anne Karagoz of Coptis with over 20 years of experience in this space will demonstrate how digitalization enables new processes in a collaborative environment which improves decision making on every level and increases speed to market with utmost reliability of information.

12:10pm – 12:45pm

“Haircare Formulations as Individual as Each Consumer”

Learn from a leading supplier how they answer consumer demand for personalized formulations while continuing engagement that is literally changing the landscape of haircare products.

12:50pm – 12:45pm

“360 Personalization: from concept to consumer in a digital world”

Molly Dufner – V.P. Ecommerce, Digital & CRM – bareMinerals/Shiseido Americas Corp.

Shiseido acquired the technology company, MatchCo, in January 2017, to deliver on a major consumer trend: cosmetics customization. In June of 2017, bareMinerals, the complexion authority, launches Made2Fit Fresh Faced Foundation through a mobile app that allows any consumer to create her own bespoke foundation individually crafted to match her exact skin tone all from the comfort of her smartphone. From the launch to present day activity, bareMinerals follows a 360 degree strategy to exceed consumer’s expectations for personalization. bareMinerals will share their insights and learnings based on the launch of their first customized product on the app Made2Fit.

12:45pm – 1:15pm

“Wrap Panel!”

Moderator: Jeb Gleason-Allured – Editor-in-Chief – Global Cosmetic Industry

Lunch vouchers provided - visit the expo & enjoy!

Presenter Details

Moderator: Jeb Gleason-Allured – Editor-in-Chief – Global Cosmetic Industry

Jeb Gleason-Allured is the Editor in Chief of Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine and Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine. Representing the fourth generation of the Allured family to work with the industry, he is an honorary member of the American Society of Perfumers, a member of Cosmetic Executive Women, and serves as the program director of the World Perfumery Congress and Flavorcon events.

Sarah Jindal – Senior Global Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care – Mintel

Sarah is Mintel’s Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst and has over 16 years of experience developing ingredient technologies for beauty and personal care companies. Having worked for a variety of companies over her career, Sarah has gained an in-depth understanding of the industry and draws upon not only her work experience but also degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, and Evolutionary Biology

Jennifer Walsh – CEO – Behind the Brand/The Healthy Entrepreneur

Jennifer Walsh is a true architect of the beauty landscape. Creating the very first omni-channel beauty brand in the United States in 1998, she changed the way people shopped for beauty. Beauty Bar was that vehicle that allowed its early shoppers to see and try out niche beauty products in her brick and mortar stores, on her website, and a weekly TV show called The Beauty Buzz.  These then “unheard of brands” included Bobbi Brown, Philosophy, Kiehl’s, Stila, Fresh, Mario Badescu, La Mer, to name a few.

Jennifer grew her business until she sold the company in 2010. Amazon now owns the Beauty Bar and BeautyBar.com. Since selling off her first business, Jennifer has created multiple brands and has worked with brands both overseas and within the states that are rolling out products, and stores that are trying to create a footprint in the US market.

Her latest venture, Walk with Walsh, is a platform that dives deeper into the connections of what it means to be a healthy leader. Her video series is filmed while walking / talking to founders, CEO’s, innovators, philanthropists, on what it means to create healthy teams and how that effects their bottom line and their communities at large. Jennifer interviews these people while walking in iconic Central Park to hit home the importance of getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature. Walking in nature is proven to not only beneficial to the body but is healing and elevating to the brain and Jennifer has spent the past 2 years studying these effects. Jennifer also is one of the first female founders to have an Alexa Skill called, The Walsh Wake Up. Every morning one can listen to Jennifer while she walks in nature and offers some healthy business tips of the day.

Sheri L. Koeting – CEO – MSLK

Sheri is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of MSLK, a branding agency based in New York. MSLK specializes in helping beauty companies find their voice in today’s crowded marketplace through 360° positioning — from overall brand strategy to brand identity, packaging, websites and digital marketing campaigns. Sheri has worked with clients such as Aveda, Chanel, Joico, John Masters Organics, Maybelline, Ouidad, Redken, Sephora, in addition to many smaller brands.

She frequently speaks about marketing and branding at conferences around the world. In 2002 Sheri co-founded the non-profit organization, Spark Design Professionals and in 2012 Evolve Symposium. Both produce events and workshops dedicated to best practices and business acumen for design agencies.

Anne Karagoz – President – Coptis, Inc.

Anne Karagoz is the founder and president of Coptis with 22 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Her career at YSL and Sanofi Beauté allowed her to gain valuable insight in the unique needs of cosmetic manufacturers regarding technology as related to formulation and regulations. This prompted her 15 years ago to launch a software solution fully dedicated to key cosmetic players, designed with them and for them. Still today Coptis involves its customers in exchange meetings to enable this strategic tool to evolve according to the industry’s increasingly demanding expectations. Anne Karagoz has a Master’s degree in Food Science from AgroSup, France and a Master’s degree of Business Sciences Industrial Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Molly Dufner – V.P. Ecommerce, Digital & CRM – bareMinerals/Shiseido Americas Corp.

Molly Dufner is a performance driven marketing executive with extensive experience in digital marketing, eCommerce and CRM, she has a passion for data driven decision making and believes insights spark creativity. She has over 15 years of experience in direct to consumer marketing and ecommerce with a track record of driving profit by optimizing all touchpoints of the consumer decision journey. Her areas of expertise include; media investment and optimization with years of experience overseeing SEM, programmatic display, SEO, affiliate marketing, paid social, print and television. Executive leadership, influencing and collaboration skills with a reputation for building high performing teams. She is currently overseeing global CRM transformation and marketing automation implementation. Molly is Vice President of eCommerce, CRM and Digital at BareMinerals, a Shiseido company. She has held leadership positions at L’Oreal USA, Turner Broadcasting and The Walt Disney Company.