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Future Chemist Workshop Testimonials

Sofia Iglesia

Wow! The NYSCC has far beyond exceeded my expectations. It is the right place to learn about the cosmetic industry regarding different formulation strategies, hands on formulation experience, innovations in skin care and cosmetics, as well as all the different roles that come together to form this incredible industry.  Thank you NYSCC and FLSCC chapters for this incredible experience to learn and meet brilliant powerful cosmetic professionals within the mentoring program who shared their experience and knowledge with me. I cannot wait to come back next year!

Anushka Nadkarni

I am Anushka Nadkarni, a MS graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University. My major was Cosmetic Science which introduced me to the wonderful world of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Last year was my first year as an attendee at the NYSCC held in May. During registration, I came across this workshop called the Future Chemists Workshop and it instantly caught my eye.

As future Cosmetic Chemists, I strongly feel that it is important for all of us to know and understand the various aspects of formulation, and the FCW was a one stop answer to it. It was conducted in 2 sessions and that gave us the liberty to choose the times we preferred. It was roughly a 3-hour session which began with talks from various Scientists from the Beauty Industry and their take on formulations. Later, we were guided through the entire process of making Shampoos, Conditioners and creams and were allowed to conduct our own experiments.

I would especially like to throw some light on the efforts put forth my Mr. John Carola and Mr. Thomas Drwiega for their efforts in making the FCW such a hit both times!

Big Congratulations to the team and we look forward to similar workshops in the near future.

Good luck!

Ashley Reid

For some time, I was somewhat apprehensive toward entering the field of cosmetic science. The Future Chemist Workshop gave me the push that I never knew I needed. And I am glad to say that is was a push towards the right direction. Being able to meet with some of the industry’s top chemist while gaining insight on the structure of the industry, left a lasting impact on my mindset and goals. And there is nothing like the satisfaction that you receive from being able to formulate your own product. The FCW gave me that satisfaction. And most importantly it left no doubt in my mind this is the right career path for me. To only say that I’m excited for the next event would be a major understatement.

Katherine Lezcano

I am currently a graduate student in skin biology and dermatology at the University of Miami and was selected to attend Supplier’s Day in NY this year. Supplier’s Day was a great experience I would recommend to anyone that is considering entering the cosmetic science industry. I was able to participate in a Future Chemist Workshop and network with professionals in the industry. From the moment I walked in the doors at the convention center I knew it would be an event I would attend for years to come. Marie Rinaldi was a great mentor and guide for the students from Florida. She made sure we were ready for all scheduled events prior to hopping on the flight to the big city, including having all our paperwork filled out, having schedules of each day’s events, and having business cards or resumes for networking. Marie went out of her way to introduce us to her past colleagues and ensured we were networking with those who sparked our individual interests. My favorite part of the entire event was the FCW, where we learned about formulating hair products and even made our own shampoo and conditioner. The mentor/mentee event was also very helpful in getting everyone to step out of their comfort zone to develop relationships and network with different people. I can truly say that Supplier’s Day was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to enter the cosmetic science industry.

Mariya Onatsko

In the past month, joining the SCC and attending Supplier’s Day changed my life. I have found my calling in the beauty industry and words cannot express the amount of excitement and gratification this has brought me. As a committed and driven pre-medical student, looking to become a dermatologist one day, I was in for a surprise when I discovered what the beauty industry had to offer. I am forever grateful  that I met Marie Rinaldi at the SCC Florida chapter meeting in April, as she invited me to join her group of students to attend Suppliers Day.

Joining the Future Chemist workshop helped guide me into discovering my new passion in becoming a Cosmetic Chemist. The chemistry workshop began with John Corola’s introduction and Yana Melnikova’s testimony of her journey as a Sr. Scientist for Chanel. Christina Bishop’s detailed presentation of hair anatomy and the chemical properties of hair products followed. Christina’s passion for her work illuminated throughout the room. Upon graduation from USF with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, I procured a job in sales at the Chanel cosmetic counter. I have been eager to discover the raw material and suppliers end of the industry. Suppliers day opened up the doors to the infinite innovative opportunities.

John and Christina’s team of instructors did an exceptional job walking us through the lab procedures and helping us with formulating our own shampoo and conditioner. I especially enjoyed the workshop because it was fun, exciting and interactive. Our group had the most wonderful time creating our own products from scratch and getting true hands on experience. I am so thankful to John Carola who made it possible for me to attend the Future Chemist workshop.

The mentorship program the next day was very inspirational. I had the opportunity to meet Eileen Kim, Chanel Principal Research Scientist and share with her my journey and passion for Chanel and the beauty industry.  The motivational speakers and everyone on the panel shared with us their success stories and the unique path that brought them into the beauty industry. Everyone’s story was encouraging and insightful as we learned more about the industry and the amount of teamwork involved. We discussed current issues affecting the industry and innovative approach to bring out awareness to consumers about misleading information. The emphasis placed on mentorship is incredible and uplifting.

At the end of each day we took a tour of the exhibition hall and were introduced to exhibitors who were passionate about their products. Everyone in the exhibition hall was very welcoming and excited to educate us on their products. They discussed with us the qualities that made their products unique and stand out. I appreciate Gino Macalino getting me into the NYSCC Awards Night. The awards night was amazing and entertaining as we got a chance to network with everyone in the industry. My favorite part of the night was when the CEW judges announced the winner of the 2019 beauty award for ingredients and formulations ¾KOBO 4-in-1 Multipurpose Sunscreen Cream!

I greatly appreciate all the time and effort involved in getting me into the workshop and programs. Thank you so much for an incredible and memorable experience. I am looking forward to attend again for many years to come and would highly recommend Suppliers Day to everyone.

Konstantina Tzialla

I attended the Future Chemists Workshop at Suppliers Day 2019, as a graduate student in Cosmetic Science at FDU. It was a live lab experience, in which I had the opportunity to learn more about formulating from people in the Industry, who shared their experiences and their passion for cosmetics with young cosmetic chemists. I liked the workshop so much that I attended it 2 times in the row! Except the fact that it was a very fan and interactive workshop in which we formulated a cosmetic product, I think it’ s a great chance for young cosmetic chemists to learn more about formulation and to interact with professionals and students from other schools who share common interests, goals and a passion for cosmetics. I am glad I had the opportunity to attend this workshop and I think it’s essential that every student attends it, so he/she can feel the same way I felt when I had the chance to discuss about my future as a Cosmetic Chemist and feel an active part of the Cosmetic Society. Thank you NYSCC!