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Microbiome: Inside Out Beauty

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Microbiome: Inside Out Beauty

May 8, 2019 9:15AM – 1:15PM

Javits – Level 1 Meeting Rooms

Moderator: Tom Branna – Editor-in-Chief – HAPPI

Track Overview

The microbiome and biogenetic technologies are the focus of this program as formulating cosmetics and personal care products includes living, tailor-made solutions.  Discussions include microbiome health and how understanding the culmination of all environmental exposure the body faces from birth onward, known as the exposome, impacts new cosmetic development.



Tom Branna – Editor-in-Chief – HAPPI

9:15AM – 9:25AM

Top Trending Ingredients…Microbiome is one of them!

Yarden Horwitz
Co-Founder – Spate

What does This Mean for Product Development?

Karen Young
CEO – The Young Group

9:30AM – 10:00AM

Development of a 3D Skin Model Colonized with an Uncultured Skin Microbiota

Valérie Cenizo – Skin Biology Lab Manager – L’Occitane

10:05AM – 10:45AM

The skin microbiota has emerged as a key player in skin health. The loss of bacterial diversity observed in some skin diseases has revealed the need for relevant biological models including this complex part of the skin ecosystem. We thus developed a 3D skin model colonized with an uncultured skin microbiota and compared it with a model colonized with the commensal S. epidermidis. The commensal bacteria S. epidermis or the skin microbiota collected from the inner forearm was inoculated on a 3D skin model. While the skin microbiota density remained stable until Day 7, the commensal bacteria grew rapidly. At day 7, this rapid proliferation led to a disorganized epidermis. In contrast, the skin microbiota reinforced the skin barrier function (desmosomes and tight junctions) and increased epidermal renewal and desquamation. Our results highlight the importance of integrating an uncultured and diverse microbiota in skin models to better reproduce cutaneous physiology. A native microbiota was more stable and less invasive than a single bacterial species. This model could allow the study of cosmetic ingredients and their impact on the skin ecosystem.

Skin Microbiome-based Ingredients for Innovative Cosmetic Formulations:  Key Considerations and Evaluation Methods

Dr. Pascal Yvon – President/Founder – Biosciences Expansion

10:50AM – 11:30AM

The human skin is inhabited by large and diverse microbial communities. Human skin microbiome and microbiota is increasingly the subject of significant interest as key components for a healthy skin. The skin microbiome is an exciting area for the cosmetic industry as it fosters the development of a new generation of products and marketing opportunities. Translating our better understanding, formulations of cosmetic products with skin microbiome-based ingredients are meant to maintain skin microbial balance and health. After a review of critical facts about the skin microbiome, this presentation will provide key considerations about pre-, pro-, and post-biotics, as well as other microbiome-based ingredients. Also included, will be a review of methods for the evaluation of their effects on the microbiome.

Refreshment Break

11:30AM – 11:45AM

Panel Discussion

11:45AM – 12:20PM

Moderator: Tom Branna – Editor-in-Chief – HAPPI

Daniel Winn – President – Actera Ingridents
Dr. Marielle Le Maire – Global Head of BU Activities – Symrise
Ferderica Carlomagno – R&D Manager – Roehlm
Simon Grundy – Business Development Manager – proDerm

Claim Support for Microbiome Skin Care    

Christiane Uhl – Sales Manager – Courage + Khazaka electronic, GmbH

12:25PM – 1:05PM

This presentation will touch on the history of microbiology and metagenomic analysis but will primarily focus on the desired effects of pro-, pre- and post-biotic formulations and how to measure their efficacy using bioengineering methods for the assessment of skin barrier quality, intensity of porphyrine fluorescence, skin-pH-value, sebum and skin hydration.

Wrap Up

Tom Branna – Editor-in-Chief – HAPPI

1:05PM – 1:15PM



  • Lunch vouchers provided to registrants.

Presenter Details

Moderator: Vice President / Editorial Director, Tom Branna

Tom Branna is VP/Editorial Director for Rodman Media. He has been with Rodman for more than 20 years, serving in a variety of capacities including editor of Happi. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University.

Dr. Pascal Yvon has over 25 years of global experience in the life sciences industries, including the cosmetic, biotech, pharmaceutical, nutrition and diagnostics sectors. He has worked for global corporations as well as start-ups in sales, marketing, project management, business development and general management positions.

Having spent the first half of his career based in France and the second half in the USA, Dr. Yvon developed his expertise with a multi-cultural sensitivity and international approach. He founded BioSciences Expansion, LLC in 2009, providing comprehensive consulting services, from strategic to operational, to life sciences companies. He has authored a number of trade journal articles, including regulatory columns about cosmetics, and regularly speaks at leading industry events and conferences.

Dr. Yvon holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the Pharmacy University, Paris, and an executive MBA from Rutgers University, NJ. He is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, NY Chapter.

Valérie Cenizo holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular biology from the University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France and has more than 15 years of experience in tissue engineering and cosmetics. She worked during 9 years as a project leader and tissue engineering expert at BASF Beauty Care Solutions where she developed several active ingredients. She is currently Skin Biology Manager at L’Occitane en Provence and manages the biological evaluation of the L’Occitane Group active ingredients. She is the author of 10 scientific publications and the inventor of 17 patents filed.

Federica Carlomagno is a biologist specializing in biomedical research. She is the R&D manager of the Italian company ROELMI HPC, producer of ingredients for the Health and Personal Care markets.

After a high school graduation in languages, Frederica got her degree in biology at the University of Milan in 2013. She focuses her lab experience on skin histology and molecular biology, with a master thesis on wound healing process performed at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore (India). In 2014 she started her experience in the R&D of Principium, a small company which became part of ROELMI HPC in 2017.

Since 1996, Christiane Uhl has been working for the company Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH in Cologne, the world-wide market leader for the development of skin measurement technologies.

Her studies of geology at universities in Karlsruhe and Cologne have contributed to her understanding of physical measurement techniques. Her knowledge about skin physiology, cosmetics and biophysical measurement principles has widened over the years by dedicated own research and the participation in seminars and dermatological training courses.

Her special field of interest is the support of scientific projects in the area of scar treatment and occupational health. First publications on skin microbiome have aroused her curiosity about further research of this subject. Over the past two years, she has become the company’s expert in this field.

Besides these specializations, she performs company trainings for the use and evaluation of the different measurement methods for scientific and dermatological studies as well as for product testing in the R&D departments of the cosmetic manufacturers and at independent testing laboratories. She has also written several publications in the cosmetic and dermatological field for German and international magazines.

Dr. Marielle Le Maire studied chemistry and achieved a Master degree in chemistry and engineering at the National School of Chemistry of Lille-France in 1991. She received her Ph.D in Spectrochemistry from the University of Sciences of Lille in 1994 where she studied the process of hydration of Zeolites using IRTF and Raman spectroscopy in cooperation with the CNRS.  Postdoctoral studies on polysaccharides and galacto-mannanes at Rhodia-research center in Aubervilliers-France followed.

She began her career in formulation and development of home care products. She then headed the R&D department at Sarbec Cosmetics, the first independent cosmetic company in France, for five years. She developed numerous skin care, sun care, baby care products for private Label, selective brands and BtoB customers.

She joined the BU CI at Symrise-Paris in 2008 as Global Product Director for Cosmetic actives. She was globally responsible for the anti-aging and skin-toning actives portfolio, supporting innovative ingredients and existing products.  Since 2019 she globally heads the Actives BU (Skin and Hair Care Actives).

Simon Grundy is Business Development Manager at proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research. In his previous career Simon held various positions in different life sciences companies including Clinical Scientist, Clinics Manager and Project Manager. Before joining proDERM he was Managing Director of a testing institute based in the UK. In 2018, Simon strengthened the Business Development Team as the sales manager responsible for clients based in United Kingdom, France and USA.

Yarden Horwitz is the Co-Founder of Spate, the artificial intelligence trends prediction for food, beauty, and fashion. Prior to founding Spate, Yarden founded Trendspotting at Google – where she launched renowned reports such as The Google Food Trends Report and The Google Beverage Trends Report.

Before opening The Young Group in 1999, Karen Young was Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Product Development for Lancôme, the prestige division of L’Oréal. Before joining Lancôme, she spent seventeen years at Estée Lauder, where she held a variety of executive positions, including Executive Director of Color Cosmetics.

Karen is an active board member of Fashion Group International. She is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Karen divides her time between New York and Paris, where The Young Group also has an office.

Since opening The Young Group, Karen has worked extensively in all categories of the cosmetic industry. She has developed concepts and products for Dove, Bath and Body Works, Neutrogena, Vichy and Canyon Ranch. She has worked on numerous established brands in the beauty category, including Christian Dior Beauté, Shiseido, Chanel, Parfums Givenchy, Avon and 3M Products.

Karen is an adjunct professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology, teaching the graduate course in product development.