Home Suppliers’ Day Attend Programming CEW – Beauty Finalists Panel

CEW – Beauty Finalists Panel

Home Suppliers’ Day Attend Programming CEW – Beauty Finalists Panel

CEW – Beauty Finalists Panel

by Erin Layton

Moderated by:

Course Title:

Innovations in Formulation:  Hear from the CEW Beauty Awards Finalists in this New Category

May 16th, 2018 (2:00pm – 2:45pm)

Room 1A21 – Adjacent to the Expo Floor

Emma Fric – Global Head of Research & Foresights – PerclersParis


Course Summary

Learn what is defining innovation in formulation these days!  Come and hear from the CEW BEAUTY AWARD FINALISTS, including:

  • BASF Corp.
  • Biomod
  • Clariant
  • Geltor, Inc
  • Stepan

Also joining the panelists will be a category judge for the CEW Beauty Awards, Mohamed Omer – Hair Category Manager – Revlon.  In this capacity, he represented the NYSCC where he serves on the Scientific Committee and is the Chair of Open Innovation Events & Activities.


Emma Fric – Global Head of Research & Foresights – PerclersParis

The daughter of an interior designer and an art historian whose career touched on luxury, first at Vuitton and then at the Comité Colbert, Emma Fric is an expert in bringing together diverse environments, as her professional career demonstrates. After initial training in law motivated by her interest in the rules that govern society, Emma discovers, when studying at CELSA, communication techniques and semiology, the latter becoming her true passion. To apply its principles and better understand what makes societies tick, she moves to Asia and then to London, where, in 1993, she is hired by the branding and design agency Cato Consulting Group, which she heads in 1996 (Nissan, Philip Morris, UDV, Heineken, Warner Bros Studios Stores, Safeway, Asda, British American Tobacco). In 2000, she looks to regain her independence and works as a freelancer for BAT and Diageo. Two years later, back in France, she demonstrates her talents as Strategic Planning Manager at Brand DNA up to 2006 (Agnès b, Comité Colbert, Philip Morris, Rémy Martin, Apsys, the Diamond Trading Company and Escada), when, as a freelance consultant, she works for Omega, BAT and Beauté Prestige International.
Emma becomes a member of the PeclersParis team in 2007, first as Development and Client Strategy Manager, then as head of the Department of Research and Future Insight. In charge of the Futur(s) trend book, she recruited a team to identify the emerging signals that will shape tomorrow’s world, and help clients analyze trends and develop distinctive directions, guided by her motto, which is to “rehumanize brands”. A woman of strong convictions, Emma has expertly paired her ability to anticipate and synthesize key evolutions in our society with the PeclersParis methodology, validated and perfected over the past 40 years.


Manasi Chavin – Marketing Manager, Face Care Segment –  BASF Corp.

Manasi Chavan is the marketing manager for the Face Care segment within the BASF Personal Care division in North America.  Manasi has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and an MBA in General Management. She joined BASF in 2007 and has served in various roles such as R&D manager and Technical Service Team manager. She has made notable contributions to understanding various mechanisms of cellular biochemistry and skin/hair cosmetic science. She has published several articles and patents in the field of Applied Biochemistry.

Blandine Mosna – Product Development Manager – Biomod

Blandine’s achievements include: a Doctor of Pharmacy with a Masters in communication and a strong cosmetic market expertise. She was R&D project manager at Chanel for 5 years before joining Biomod in 2011. She has held several key positions contributing to the company’s growth and now focuses on both Brands and in-house product developments.

Julie Droux – Senior Technical Marketing Specialist – Clariant Active Ingredients 

Julie DROUX is Senior Technical Marketing Specialist at Clariant Active Ingredients, a business segment specialized in active ingredients development for the personal care and cosmetics industry.  She is a biotechnology engineer and has several years of experience in the active ingredients field. She developed multiple ingredients and concepts, and is a specialist in plant-origin active ingredients.

Soojin Choung – Director, Cosmetics & Personal Care – Geltor, Inc.

Geltor was established three years ago by two scientists at Princeton University and it makes collagen without any animal inputs. Soojin Choung joined Geltor in October 2017 and has been in charge of building the business with the world’s first animal free collagen N-Collage. Soojin has been a long time investor in Asian cosmetics companies and she is leading the efforts to familiarize cosmetics manufacturers with the innovative ingredient.

Sarah Kovach – Market Manager, Personal Care – Stepan 

Sarah Kovach has been with Stepan for six years. She was a Senior Product Development Chemist in the Personal Care R&D group before her promotion to the role of Market Manager for Personal Care. Sarah is responsible for growing Stepan’s current and future Personal Care portfolio through strategic marketing and business development efforts as well as directing and supporting Stepan’s global R&D, sales, and marketing teams in product commercializations and promotions. Sarah holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and a M.S. in Chemistry from DePaul University.

Mohamed Omer – Hair Category Manager – Revlon

Mohamed Omer is currently Hair Category Manager at Revlon. Before Revlon, Mohamed was the Associate Vice President for Strategic Foresight & Innovation at L’Oreal. Mohamed received a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from Iowa State University and subsequently joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Crime Scene Laboratory, where he became a narcotics expert and managed the intoxicated driver unit before he switched to cosmetic chemistry. For the last fifteen years, Omer has focused on product development, trends and innovation and assumed various roles in companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Unilever, Mintel and L’Oreal, where he helped develop a range of innovative products across multiple categories. Mohamed is an active member of the NYSCC where he serves on the Scientific Committee and is the Chair of Open Innovation Events & Activities.