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Presentation Theater – Wednesday Afternoon

Presentation Theater – Wednesday Afternoon
by james.runkle@drummondst.com

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NYSCC Suppliers’ Day Presentation Theater

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Presentation Theater – right on the show floor!

Rachel Grabenhofer, managing editor, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine

Theater Summary

Right adjacent to the sold-out exhibit floor featuring more than 450 suppliers with specialty areas showcasing the art & science of innovation, will be the Presentation Theater. This hub for industry education houses Suppliers’ Day’s complimentary programs including Discover Sustainability and The World of Chemistry. Presentations from our industry partners including C&T, Global Cosmetic Magazine, and ICMAD will also be showcased in the afternoons along with select interactive exhibitor talks from AIC, BASF, Clarient, Givaudan, Ithos, Sensient, Silab and more.

The Use of Wound Care Active Oxidized Keratin in Hair and Scalp Health Formulations

Paul Sapsford – Keraplast

12:40PM – 1:00PM

Oxidized Keratin is known to speed the healing of both acute and chronic wounds by up to 35%. Part of the mechanism of action involves stimulating specific junctional collagens important to the structure of skin. When applied to hair Oxidized Keratin again shows the ability to “heal” using a different more natural method than conventional bond-builders with better results. And a recent ex vivo clinical study demonstrates how Oxidized Keratin can stimulate collagen expression in the follicle preventing hair fall and improving follicle health.

Time to Re-do the Make-Up of Cosmetic Safety Regulations?

Joan McGuffey – Senior Regulatory Specialist – UL

1:00PM – 1:25PM

Presentation will lead in with a very brief history of FDA oversight of cosmetics; an example of state level activity which exemplifies the need for national action and then a review of the history of proposed legislative changes.  Current versus potential requirements of the most recent of these proposed legislative changes will be detailed to provide the audience an understanding of impact upon members of the supply chain and various roles within cosmetic companies.  If you are a formulator, manufacturer or packager; domestic or international, the potential changes on the horizon will be considered.

Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin in Personal Care:  Glucosyl Bioflavonoid Increases Circulation effect leading to applications for Brightening, Pore Reduction and Hair Loss/Regrowth

Manette L Epright – Technical Development Manager – Fitz Chem –  NAGASE Group & Ami Kawahata –  Scientist –  NAGASE Group

1:30PM – 1:55PM

Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in various citrus fruits, that’s extremely insoluble in water. In AGH, glucose & hesperidin are bound together using enzymatic technology that greatly improves water solubility.  Scientifically shown to improve circulation and microcirculation of the skin, for brightening & under eye, it also showed good efficacy in the reduction of conspicuous skin pores – and significantly increased Hair Mass Index.

Discover Why Utilizing the Right Performance Software Solutions Is A Must?

Marie Thadal – Business Development Executive, Americas – Coptis

2:00PM – 2:25PM

Establishing a proactive approach to formula development ensures market requirement and global regulatory compliance. Performance software solutions and optimized databases that are designed specifically for Personal Care/Cosmetic R&D laboratories strategically manage the specificity of the Cosmetic data to accelerate formula development and product launch.
Digital disruption is transforming operations in every area and today. Managing data now requires the use of technology to gain a competitive edge. Come learn the benefits of integrating all your R&D data in one centralized system. This results in the saving of 30% of laboratory staff time.

The right tool improves search capabilities, detects regulatory and market non-conformance in real time and instantaneously generates reports (ingredients list, EU dossier/PIF etc.) with just one click. Overall, risk is minimized, performance is improved, efficiency is boosted, and profitability is enhanced.
Attend this Coptis session and learn how your company can benefit from Coptis’ innovative solutions designed specifically for cosmetic R&D.
The right tool can make a big difference.

Building Beauty with Biology: Animal-Free Collagen

Alex Lorestani – CEO and co-founder – Geltor

2:30PM – 2:55PM

Collagen, the most beloved bioactive ingredient by consumers today, has traditionally been sourced blindly from animal remains with a one-size-fits-all model. Learn how Geltor is changing this by producing the world’s first designer collagen: completely vegan, sustainable, and optimized for performance in cosmetics formulations.

Presenter Details

With over 30 years of experience in chemical and retail industries, Joan McGuffey joined UL as a Senior Regulatory Specialist. Her broad business acumen, combined with regulatory knowledge in international Hazard Communications and Chemical Management, provides practical support to business opportunities. Joan’s 30+ years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical (Lederle Laboratories) and chemical industries (GE Silicones, Chemtura and SI Group, Inc.) spans a wide range of issues, including process engineering, project engineering, cost accounting, new product introduction, first line supervision, and management, as well as regulatory compliance. Joan currently supports suppliers and retailers with their volatile organic compounds obligations through WERCSmart and agency reporting.

Previously, Joan was a Product Registration Regulatory advisor at SI group. In this position, she reviewed chemical inventory status of chemicals and prepared government filings, including US EPA Premanufacturing notices (PMNs) and Chinese Simplified Notifications.  She also was responsible for government reporting, including Chemical Data Reporting (CDR), Polymer Exemption Reporting (PEX), FIFRA Pesticide Reporting, Fuel Additives and Chemical Weapons Control (CWC).

Alex Lorestani is co-founder and CEO of Geltor, the biodesign company that has created the largest selection of 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably cultivated designer proteins. He is strongly motivated by the positive impact that Geltor’s protein design and production technology can have on public health and sustainability. Alex became interested in transforming the global protein supply chain as an MD/ Ph.D. student working to solve antibiotic resistance. He studied Medicine at Rutgers University, earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University, and holds a BS in Biology from Boston College.

Manette L Epright – Technical Development Manager – Fitz Chem –  NAGASE Group

Ben Alston is a product manager at Ithos Global, an industry leader in global regulatory compliance solutions. At Ithos, his team is responsible for curating, maintaining, and updating the substance-level regulatory content databases. He works closely with clients to understand their challenges, receive feedback, and guides the incorporation of these changes into future product enhancements and business development efforts. Ithos is grounded on the belief that integrity of data – for clients and regulators alike – is at the heart of any effective compliance program, yet companies often lack a cohesive platform to help them manage their regulatory activity. Ben holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is currently pursuing an MBA at the State University of New York at Albany. Before coming to work for Ithos, Ben previously held positions at Hitachi Vantara and Cypress Semiconductor.

Ami Kawahata –  Scientist –  NAGASE Group

Marie Thadal is the Business Development Manager for Americas at Coptis. She has more than 15 years of combined experience in R&D, Sales & Marketing of Finished goods, Raw materials and data management software solutions. For nearly eight years, she has been instrumental in optimizing laboratories with proactive technological solutions for the global cosmetic industry. Her activity enables companies to achieve speed to market while ensuring global regulatory compliance and reliability of information. She holds a B.A degree in Biochemistry from Rutgers University, a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Science from FDU and a MBA from Rider University. She is a frequent guest lecturer for the FDU Cosmetic Science Program and a former Chair and advisor for the NYSCC.

Paul Sapsford is Sales & Marketing Manager for Keraplast Manufacturing, a supplier of unique functional keratin proteins that are used in registered wound care devices, skin care and hair care formulations around the world. Keraplast holds over 180 patents on these proteins and is acknowledged as the world leader in the commercial production of bio-available, soluble keratin for the personal care market.