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The World of Chemistry

The World of Chemistry
by james.runkle@drummondst.com

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The World of Chemistry

May 8, 2019 (10:00am – 1:00pm)

Show Floor Presentation Theater – Complimentary Admission

Richard Scott, Editor, Personal Care Magazine

Track Overview

The personal care market is constantly changing. An important stimulus to this change is the movement of global trends from one region to another. Social media, new ‘hero’ ingredients, as well as regulatory updates, all play a part in the constant evolution. To help keep up-to-date, Personal Care magazine hosts a series of insightful presentations to reveal the latest developments from across the globe. From advances in ingredient technology to emerging trends, World of Chemistry will deliver a comprehensive overview of our industry to Suppliers’ Day attendees.



Richard Scott – Editor – Personal Care Magazine

9:30AM – 9:40AM

The Cosmetic Cultures and Technologies that Gave Birth to “J-Beauty”

Fujihiro Kanda, PhD – Visiting Professor, Mukogawa Women’s University and Vice Chair of the International Committee – Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan

9:40AM – 10:10AM

The remote island nation Japan, located at the farthest eastern tip of Asia, has nurtured unique and characteristic cultures over its long history full of twists and turns. Among other areas, Japanese personal care products and aesthetic treatments are recently gaining worldwide publicity as described in the term “J-Beauty.”  By walking through the history of Japanese cosmetic cultures that eventually gave birth to “J-Beauty,” the latest trends in the Japanese cosmetic market will be introduced along with cutting-edge technologies that make them live up to their high reputation.

The Personal Care Ingredients Markets in North America: Key Trends and Developments in 2018

Nikola Matic – Director, Chemicals – Kline & Company

10:10AM – 10:35AM

Ms. Matic will describe the market of ingredients for personal care in North America in 2018, with a focus on the most interesting segments both in terms of applications (skin care, color cosmetics) and of ingredients (emollients, UV absorbers, etc).  She will also identify and explain growth areas, and compare to other key regions globally.

Silicones: Rethinking Clean & Safe Beauty

Tania Viana – Technical Manager/Regional Market Director – LATAM – Grant Industries

10:35AM – 11:00AM

Clearing up misconceptions about ingredient safety and efficacy can drive sustainable and ethical innovation. It may seem like a simple question: why do people buy natural products? According to a report of The Benchmarking Company, 68% of consumers buy natural and organic products. Of those surveyed, 95% said they buy more natural products than 10 years ago. At the same time, 95% of consumers surveyed cite product efficacy as the most important factor when they choose products. As a result, the cosmetic market is evolving to support priorities like safety, performance and responsibility.

The Rise of J-beauty

Chloe Takahashi – CEO and Founder – Cosme Hunt, Inc.

11:00AM – 11:25AM

2018 was the year that Korean Beauty was taking over from east to west countries. Here we will discuss how 2019 will be the year of the Japanese Beauty Trend. Introducing:  J-beauty Trends and what exactly J-beauty is bringing to the world.

Neuroscience: A New Tool Linking Cosmetic to Wellness

Vânia Leite e Silva – Professora de Cosmetologia – UNIFESP Diadema – Brasil

11:25AM – 11:50AM

Some papers brings up studies about positive effects of elevated levels of subjective well-being in patients diagnosed with cancer. Still, it is notorious that female self-image is improved over make up. The purpose of this work was to prove that make up experience may improve the self-image. The volunteers participated of the workshop Look Good Feel Better (international program of well-being destined to patients with cancer). The tablets in recording mode registered the participant’s involuntary reactions throughout make up experience and show that make-up leads to better self-esteem that could improve the healing process.

New Breakthrough to Reverse Hair Greying

Mathias Fleury – Category Manager – Givaudan Active Beauty

11:50AM – 12:15PM

An issue exists around the globe and a breakthrough that can help.  Through deciphering the mechanisms involved in biological hair pigmentation, Givaudan presents Darkenyl™, a combination of molecules protecting hair follicle melanocytes from ROS, activating bulge stem cells enabling the production of new melanocytes and reactivating entire melanogenesis pathway. This hair repigmentation and protection active ingredient showed outstanding clinical results.

Rebuilding Skin Architecture Through a New Player

Dr. Marco Klein – R&D Project Manager – LipoTrue

12:15PM – 12:40PM

Peptide aimed to rebuild and organize collagen architecture increasing a key protein level. This protein has not been described before in the cosmetic market and is an essential pillar, together with collagen VI, in the organization of new fibers. Efficacy has been proved in a multi-racial in vivo panel.


Richard Scott – Editor – Personal Care Magazine

1:05PM – 1:15PM

Presenter Details

Richard Scott has been Editor of Personal Care since 2009, and during the past 9 years has seen the publication go from strength to strength, growing the magazine’s presence in new global territories and online, as well as developing brand new Personal Care supplements. Richard has a keen interest in researching innovative new raw materials and the ways in which the industry will approach the need for increased levels of product personalization.

Chloe Takahashi is a founder of Cosme Hunt who was born and raised in Japan.  When she moved to West coast in 2015 as a designer for tech startup, she had a difficulty for finding right cosmetics and skincare products for herself. She started introducing Japanese products and it had sparked a new idea to sell J-beauty products online to her friends.  She has pioneered the J-beauty phenomenon in the US. She travels regularly between San Francisco and Tokyo to find the best products and new, innovative skincare.

With an MSc degree in industrial chemistry, Fujihiro KANDA, Ph.D. joined Shiseido in 1982 and retired in 2017. During over 35 years of career in the cosmetic industry, he was involved in a myriad of research projects ranging from cosmetic raw material analysis and human body odor studies to structural characterization of biopolymers, as well as R&D strategic and administrative assignments related to patents, licensing, technology contracts and open innovation. He received a Ph.D. degree in applied chemistry from the University of Tokyo. He currently runs his own business as a technical consultant and teaches at Mukogawa Women’s University as a visiting professor. He is a Board member of SCCJ (The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan) belonging to its International Committee of which he is currently the Vice Chair. He served the IFSCC Praesidium as the Chair of the Science Committee during the term 2008-2016.

Dr. Marco Klein takes part in the R&D Project Management and is responsible for the peptide platform of LipoTrue, a fast growing and high technological company for the discovery of active ingredients, with a team of experts in the fields of cosmetics, skin biology and state-of-the-art technologies.

With a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany), a subsequent Hoffmann – La Roche Postdoc Fellowship (Basel, Switzerland) and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Fellowship (Institute for Biomedicine (IRB), Barcelona, Spain), he has a strong expertise in protein-membrane interactions and their structural characterization. In addition, he has been working on cell penetrating peptides for many years and on the correlation between their structure and cell uptake/membrane interaction. Now he brings his knowledge into the development of novel active ingredients for cosmetic applications.

Mathias Fleury is the Global Marketing Support Manager for Givaudan Active Beauty, creating a link between the science and technical knowledge from the R&D department, and the creativity and marketing tools needed by the sales network to best communicate to the final customers.

Mr. Fleury holds an M.S. in Colloidal Science, with a specialization in Cosmetics, from the French National Superior School for Chemistry (ENSCL), in Lille. Before joining Givaudan Active Beauty, he was Technical Marketing Manager and Worldwide Business Developer for an analytical equipment manufacturer, dedicated specifically to the cosmetic industry.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Nikola Matic is a Director of the Chemicals & Materials practice of Kline & Company. During his entire career, he has been closely monitoring and reporting on the specialty chemicals industry in various areas such as Personal Care Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Emulsions Polymers, Biocides and Surfactants. Nikola currently holds global business responsibilities for the Chemicals & Materials department of Kline Market Research.

Prior to joining Kline, Nikola worked in the environmental services consultancy for a leading French company in which he was responsible for the business development in Central and Eastern Europe.

Nikola holds an engineering degree in process engineering from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC).

Tania Viana, Technical Manager/Regional Market Director – LATAM, has worked at Grant Industries for 12 years in various R&D and technical marketing roles. Her background is in the area of polymer synthesis with her Master’s degree completed at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Tania started her career doing synthesis of silicones, moving at a later time to a role in the formulation team at Grant, where she was able to acquire extensive knowledge in formulation from skin and sun care to color. Currently, her main responsibility is to support technically developments domestically  as well as throughout Latin America.

Vânia Leite e Silva graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry with Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Pharmaceutical Production and Control . She has postdoctoral at the The University of Queensland, School of Medicine’s Therapeutics Research Centre (TRC), Brisbane-Australia. During this time she examined the controversial question of nanoparticle penetration in human skin. Recently she became an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. She has a large experience in industry, with emphasis on research and development of cosmetics. Professor at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo since 2010, one of Brazil’s largest and most important universities and also has an important role as President of ABC (Brazilian Society of Cosmetology), to forge links between academia and industry, by promoting robust scientific and regulatory standards in the cosmetic industry.

Yelena Alekseyeva works on behalf of the U.S. government to promote the export of U.S. healthcare and beauty products to Russia. She provides counseling to U.S. companies on doing business in Russia and to Russian companies regarding U.S. suppliers.  She conducts partner searches for U.S. companies and develops senior level contacts in business and government. Yelena has over 10 years of extensive experience working in Danish, UK and U.S. Embassy as Commercial Advisor to overseas companies interested to enter Russian market. Moreover, she worked as the Head of Business Development for Equilibrium Professional, a cosmetics and esthetic cosmetology equipment distribution company based in Moscow. In this role she was responsible for customer relationship management, settlement of claims and conflicts, launch of European and American brands, development and implementation of brand strategy, negotiating with foreign partners, and research for new markets and new brands.