The Digital Age of Beauty

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Tuesday, May 2: 10:00-12:00 pM – Achieving Speed to Market in the Digital Age

10:00-10:30 AM: Speed up Development with CAD Computer Aided Design

Technology’s influence on the world is rapidly growing; progressive companies strategically utilize robotic devices and concepts to optimize their supply chain efficiency. Such design applications are capable of accurately executing difficult tasks and processes with speed.

FIRST Robotics program annually challenges STEM students to create a problem-solving robot by implementing the Engineering Design Cycle: brainstorming to capture ideas and generate potential solutions and strategies. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design), to create innovative 3D designs to virtually test how components function together, is cost-effective and efficient. The best CAD-model is fabricated with computer driven machines and others are handmade.

The Design Cycle can be applied to many industries like Personal Care & Cosmetics. Rapid prototyping leverages a company’s competitiveness and enhances speed to market. Educational programs worldwide promote the Design Cycle and robotics to transform ideas into tangible products.


WolfeJoy Wolfe
Mentor Finance & Marketing Teams
Nemesis, FIRST Robotics Team 2590
Robbinsville High School Robbinsville, NJ

Joy Wolfe worked in the IT industry for 12 years and her last corporate position was International Network Consultant and Marketing Manager for Digital Equipment Corp before becoming a teacher of Computer Science, Pre-engineering, Robotics, Design and 3D animation classes for the past 13 years. Her passion is preparing STEAM students for college and beyond with both technical and soft skills. She enjoys working with young people and their joie de vivre.

With her husband, Peter Wolfe, they started Nemesis, the Robbinsville FIRST Robotics team 10 years ago and built it into an international powerhouse. The team is run like a high tech business. Working with engineering and business professionals after school, students combine their classroom knowledge with practical application to create a 120lb competitive robot using the Engineering Design Cycle, CAD, 3D modeling.

10:35 – 11:15 AM: Digital and Technology Consumer Engagement Trends for the Beauty Industry

As companies adjust to consumer’s rapidly changing behavior both on and offline, it is important to understand what is coming down the pipeline in terms of technology and how companies can implement these types of trends to not only stay relevant but also assist the consumer in how they shop, explore and discover brands.

Sinead Norenius Raniere

Sinead Norenius-Raniere
Partner, The Pienza Collective



Sinead Norenius-Raniere helps clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce technology, digital marketing, social media strategy and influencer outreach along with preparing clients for TV Shopping (QVC, HSN, Evine) and other retail distribution channels.

Prior to The Pienza Collective, Sinead was VP of Business Development at Women’s Marketing Inc. a leading media planning, strategy, and buying agency for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. There she was responsible for market growth and developing strategic partnerships with other media agencies, Ad Tech companies, and Venture Capital / Private Equity Groups.

Before Women’s Marketing Inc., Sinead was Founder and CEO of the premium influencer marketing network, iFabbo, which was acquired by Women’s Marketing Inc. in 2014 and then by the Sway Group in 2016.

iFabbo was a spinoff of Sinead’s skincare company, Beautisol, a luxury sunless tanning brand where she utilized the bloggersphere, social media, and other crowdsourcing tactics to successful launch the company in 2009 and land the brand on HSN (Home Shopping Network) in 2010 where Sinead was spokesperson for four years. Beautisol was acquired in early 2015 by Five Crowns Capital where Sinead currently serves as an advisor to the private equity group.

Sinead is Chairman of the Board for the Bay Area Beauty Association (BABA) and is a longtime CEW member.

11:20 AM - 12:00 PM Augmented Human

The line between human and technological device is blurring as smart technology puts people in greater control of their individual health and beauty needs. There is an increased consumer demand for devices to not only show the latest trends but to help consumers emulate those trends to achieve health and beauty goals. Consumers not only want their products to work well, but also to be able to prove it with technology that can track and regulate progress.

Additionally beauty and skin care isn’t only about looking good outwardly anymore, but about feeling good as well. Consumers are also interested in customized products and are willing to pay to get their specific needs met. With such new and innovative trends in the beauty and personal care market it’s easy to see how we are all becoming augmented humans.

JindalSarah Jindal
Senior Innovation and Insight Analyst


Sarah is Mintel’s Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst and has over 16 years of experience developing ingredient technologies for beauty and personal care companies. Having worked for a variety of companies over her career, Sarah has gained an in-depth understanding of the industry and draws upon not only her work experience but also degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, and Evolutionary Biology.


Tuesday, May 2: 2:00-3:45 PM – Regulatory Compliance in the Digital Age

Product Demonstrations

2:00-2:30 PM: Formulating for Efficacy™

Formulating for Efficacy™ concepts were developed by the late Dr. Johann Wiechers, with the goal of maximizing the delivery of cosmetic and pharmaceutical actives to the skin. Formulating for Efficacy™ Software, produced by Dr. Wiechers and Professor Steven Abbott, now supported by ACT Solutions Corp, uses a sophisticated algorithm for solubility predictions. At the core are Hansen Solubility Parameters, which assess the dispersion, dipolar, and hydrogen bonding forces of an active and potential solvents, lending insight into interactions between formulation components. For new molecules, the FFE™ Software can predict these and other parameters necessary to effective formulation.

Active ingredients can be evaluated for such formulation challenges as substantial molar volume, high melting point, and large polarity gap between active and skin. In addition, the Diffusion Modeler function in the FFE™ Software will simulate Franz diffusion cell experiment, allowing the formulator to follow the path of the active and formulation to the skin over time. A formulator can run through many potential formulation options within a short period of time, allowing for formulation optimization and thus greater chance of success in clinical trials.


ChandlerMark Chandler
ACT Solutions Corp

Mark Chandler is President of ACT Solutions Corp (Adaptive Cosmetic Technology Solutions), a formulation design consultancy founded in 2012, serving the cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical industries, focusing on Adaptive Aesthetic Design™, Advanced Emulsion Solutions™, and Formulating for Efficacy™, with formulation laboratories in Delaware and Ohio.

Mark has been in the industry for over 30 years, most recently serving as skin care applications manager for Croda Inc. He has roles in Sales, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Acquisitions, and Research and Development. Mark has taught courses for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) on Cosmetic Formulation, Cosmetic Raw Materials, Liquid Foundation Emulsions and Low Energy Emulsification for over 15 years.

Mark also is a Research Instructor in the Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design program at the University of Toledo – College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He was awarded Fellow status by the SCC in 2014. Mark has presented technology throughout the United States and in over a dozen other countries on five continents, published numerous articles, book chapters, and has been granted 3 patents.

2:35-3:00 PM – An Efficient Way to Generate a Cosmetic Product Dossier & Product Information File (PIF)

To meet business objectives, the use of technology has become a necessity. Today’s cosmetic laboratories require optimized efficiency to achieve GLP, global regulatory compliance, reduce cost and increase speed to market.

Repertoire uses Coptis Lab, the software solution designed specifically for the cosmetic industry. Coptis Lab, is the Business Intelligent Tool (BIT) that organizes R&D data and documents to effortlessly generate the PIF with utmost regulatory accuracy. Additionally, Formulators are alerted in Real time on regulatory restrictions on substances, Brand constraints and Marketing non-compliance. This saves months of development time spent on reformulations due to regulatory & market compliance issues.


CummingsMelanie Cummings
Regulatory Specialist
Repertoire Consulting LLC


After 10 years in aerospace QA Melanie transitioned to the cosmetic industry, spending the first 10 years with Floratech in Arizona as Dir. of Quality, where she published more than 20 articles in cosmetic trade journals, contributed to several patents, and lead Floratech’s pursuit of ISO 9001 quality management system.

After returning to California in 2004, she focused on OTC drug GMP’s, regulatory affairs and product development, currently working as a consultant (Repertoire Consulting LLC). She has an MS in quality assurance from CSUDH, a BS/Chemistry from CSUS and a BA/Biology from the University of the Incarnate Word (TX).

As president of Repertoire Consulting, she specializes in regulatory requirements for cosmetic worldwide. Melanie is an EU cosmetic safety assessor and uses Coptis software to prepare product information packages for the EU, as well as other customized reports required for various countries.

3:05-3:30 PM: How a Raw Material Compliance Library can streamline your New Product Introduction process for faster market entry

Comp Sheet? You got it. SDS? Click. Launching a new line, expanding into a new market, or simply swapping out an ingredient? The Raw Material Compliance Library makes it easy. Instant access to your required supplier documents will make getting through Regulatory the easiest step in your NPI process.

Ithos will compile, analyze, organize and make available the regulatory documents your company requires on an everyday basis into one easily accessible, searchable database.

This demonstration will show how Ithos Global’s Raw Material Compliance Library increases speed and efficiency in your NPI process by saving time and energy spent:

  • Gathering required compliance documents
  • Searching for documents in disorganized or outdated storage mechanisms
  • Acting reactively to compliance issues because documents weren’t available
  • Reformulating due to ingredient non-compliance


BubeckKen Bubeck
Ithos Global

As founder of Ithos Global, Ken Bubeck saw the market need for combining regulatory knowledge and client data into a robust, web-enabled platform for easy access. With more than 30 years of diverse experience that includes software innovation, regulatory, sales and manufacturing, Ken is a hands-on leader with clients and major projects. He is well-versed in the latest cosmetic regulatory issues, including PIFs, CARB, SDS, and Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance.

His company, Ithos Global, germinated out of a market problem – companies may have highly technical regulatory staff, utilize outside consultants for research and guidance, and have technology tools, software, ERP, and PLM tools to manage business needs, but they may not integrate the latest regulatory rules and requirements among all of these critical assets. Ithos is grounded on the belief that the integrity of data – for clients and regulators alike – is at the heart of any effective compliance program, yet companies often lack a cohesive platform to help them manage their regulatory activity.

Ken’s strategic approach to transforms compliance programs from reactive to proactive, with an end goal of more effective compliance and reporting.

Wednesday, May 3: 10:00-12:00 pM – The World of Virtual Reality

Product Demonstrations

10:00 - 12:25 AM: Givaudan Active Beauty invites you to an Immersive Beauty Experience

Digital is everywhere in our daily life. Its limitless potential for creativity allows us to imagine a new way of communication, and we have utilized that for science. Most of the marketing material in the cosmetic industry is in flat 2D, while our skin is a living, 3D organ. Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to share its passion of skin and hair science through digital innovation, to let everyone dive into the beautiful 3D architecture of our skin.

This is an incredible sensation to engage our senses in a full immersion of what it would be like to be a cell inside our own body. This amazing journey enables us to better understand the perfection of biological structures and their evolution while aging.

Skin Odyssey and Hair Odyssey are unique experiences created in synergy with our biologists: the Skin Odyssey journey allows anyone the ability to dive into the different skin layers to visualize cells, keratinocytes, or fibroblasts in 3D, while the Hair Odyssey allows them to take part in a cosmetic mechanism by targeting the hair with ingredients in a proactive way with their own hand gestures while they interact with a screen. We look forward to sharing this innovation with all of our customers in the cosmetic sector.


FleuryMathias Fleury
Global Marketing Support Manager
Givaudan Active Beauty


Mr. Mathias FLEURY is the Givaudan Active Beauty Global Marketing Support Manager, creating the link between science and technical knowledge from the R&D department, and the creativity and marketing tools needed by the sales network to best communicate with the final customers.

10:30-10:55 AM Using Virtual Reality to Open Up Infinite Possibilities

Lubrizol is proud to introduce a new technology platform to the market that will revolutionize the way cleansing products are developed. In order to best communicate the simplicity of Carbopol® SMART polymers, as well as the many formulator and consumer benefits these polymers enable, we decided to create a Virtual Reality Experience for customers that “virtually” puts them in the lab, in the formulation, and in the plant, with Carbopol SMART polymers.

This unique way to market and promote allows the user to interactively experience how the technology works, and why it is an essential component in tomorrow’s cleansing formulations. We pair this virtual experience with a “real life” opportunity to sample formulations in our booth.

We also are developing applications for bringing this means of marketing our exciting new technology remotely, using our customers’ own smart phones. We feel the potential for interactive marketing and customer service using Virtual Reality is enormous, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg.


RoachTimothy J. Roach
Global Strategic Marketing Director
Bath & Shower Applications
Lubrizol Corporation


Timothy has been with Lubrizol for 10 years as a product and market segment manager. Tim earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from Duke University. He has also earned a Master’s of Science degree in Biochemistry from Northwestern University, and a Master’s of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

11:00-11:25 AM A view on Customized Cosmetics from the non-production side. Chances, possibilities and limitations.

Under digitalization we understand that more and more products are customized even to the wishes of every single customer. More and more products can be customized - running shoes, suits, candies and soda bottles. Even the cereals can be prepared according to the customers wishes. Why not cosmetics?

L’Oréal just launched an Intelligent Color Experience. Other companies like Shiseido have apps to share beauty experience. But compared to other products this is only the first step.

Another power player in the field of individual make-up foundation is Lancôme presenting its “Le Teint Particulier” service. At Bergdorf Goodman clients can even meet specialists who personally create an exact shade match called “Sensual Skin Enhancer”.

To individualize Cosmetics you need to know more about the consumer. Asking questions is not enough to know the customer’s needs. Skin testing devices can help to close this gap. Which parameter are easy to measure in a retail environment and who they can influence the recommendation. The digitalization of beauty is the next step to address customers.


KhazakaGeorge Khazaka
General Manager
Dipl. Oek


Georg Khazaka has a Master Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. He has as well gained longstanding experience in the cosmetics industry and working within this particular sector for more than 15 years.

Georg is General Manager of Courage+Khazaka electronic GmbH in Cologne, Germany, the leading company for skin measurements. Besides his experience with research and development customers, he also helps to create marketing ideas for customers on a global basis.

He is a member of the International Society of Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin. Maintaining a high profile at exhibitions and congresses ensures permanent control of innovative strength with his fingers on the pulse of time. He constantly draws new ideas out of numerous research cooperations and marketing projects.

11:35 AM - 12:00 PM How can you manage product compliance proactively in the Age of Digital Beauty?

As requirements expand up and down the supply chain and throughout the product lifecycle, the organizational responsibilities have moved beyond reactionary regulatory management to proactive monitoring and anticipation of upcoming trends and regulations. Companies more than ever need the intelligence and insight into consumer trends and latest regulatory and NGO driven developments impacting their formulations and supply chains. The speaker will review the evolution of compliance from a reactive ‘siloed’ process to a proactive, risk-mitigating activity embedded in your product life cycle management.


Julia Tsvetkova
Senior Director
Product Management

Julia Tsvetkova is responsible for building the product roadmap and releasing new products under the Ariel® brand within the 3E Company portfolio. Ms. Tsvetkova joined 3E Company in 2005 and has led the development and introduction to market of a number of new and innovative EHS regulatory solutions including Ariel WebInsight, ArielLogic, ADM VSDS for SAP and Regulatory Monitoring. Ms. Tsvetkova’s prior experience includes five years developing products in the international trade and logistics field and two years as a financial analyst with a major global professional services firm. Ms. Tsvetkova received her MBA in Information Technology Management from the Kogod School of Business. Ms. Tsvetkova is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria.



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