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One of the oldest chapters in existence

Largest chapter in the world

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We are thrilled to have you as part of our chapter and community.  Our goal is to provide relevant and engaging education and programs accessible to beauty and personal care chemists and formulators around the world.

This year we will be ‘EMBRACING BEAUTY,” and celebrating what makes each of us different, makes us beautiful.   We will also focus on the opportunities as well as overcoming the challenges in formulating and developing products for inclusivity and diversity.   Please visit our Events page for inspiring and illuminating AT HOME LIVE and Webinar Programs that will take place throughout the year.

NYSCC wouldn’t be where it is today, the SCC’s largest Chapter and organizer’s of North America’s most important ingredients and formulation event, Suppliers’ Day, without the support, dedication and expertise of our members.   Consider becoming a volunteer and make your mark in NYSCC history!  You’ll gain incredible networking opportunities that span the globe while providing real value to your colleagues.   Please click here to complete the volunteer form, for us to ascertain the best fit for you within our committees and future projects.

And if you are not a member, please email: now to learn what you are missing!


Susanna Fernandes
2021 Chair of NYSCC

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