Join the NYSCC Golf Outing!

NYSCC Golf Outing

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WHEN: July 29, 2015
WHERE: Crystal Springs Resort, Hamburg, NJ
COURSE PHONE: (855) 977-6473
EVENT CHAIR: Hamel Dave @ (973) 727-9916
INCLUDES: Box lunch, 18 holes of golf with cart, cocktail reception and dinner … plus door and skill prizes and gifts.

Pictures from NYSCC Chapter Meeting on a Yacht

Special thanks to our speakers Ewelina Pitusiak and Robert J. Coots, Ph.D who presented “Green Chemistry” while riding aboard the Aqua Azul Yacht. This June 10th meeting was enjoyed by so many we had to get special permission from the captain of the ship to make room for more members. We had one of the largest turnouts for any NYSCC meeting – thank you for the volunteers who organized the trip and those who participated!

Maleic Anhydride ChemistryApplications of Maleic Anhydride Chemistry in Skin Care, Biomedical Devices, and Transdermal Delivery – Part III

By Roger L. McMullen
In the first two articles of this series we discussed several applications of maleic anhydride chemistry to phenomenon occurring in skin. Numerous examples of the use of maleic anhydride and its derivatives can be found in patent publications and the literature. Polymers of maleic anhydride are especially well known for their bioadhesive properties, and are used extensively in the biomedical industry. Somewhat related, the same types of polymers found their way into personal care adhesive strips designed to remove unwanted keratotic debris. In a much different application, maleic anhydride derivatives made headway into antiperspirant formulations where they help to reduce the concentration of aluminum salts. Transdermal drug delivery is another explosive area where hydrogels made of maleic anhydride polymers act as key ingredients of the delivery formulation …. MORE