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Registration is now open for the 2015 NYSCC Suppliers’ Day Event!

NYSCC – Discover India Symposium: Tapping the Emerging Personal Care

EVENT CO-CHAIRS: Steve Herman & Kamesh Yerramilli
WHEN: May 11, 2015
WHERE: Renaissance Woodbridge
OVERVIEW: The NYSCC, in conjunction with its world renowned Suppliers Day event, has assembled a program of experts to further explore this land of immense opportunities …. MORE

Photosensitization of Melanin and the Effect of Visible Light on Skin and Hair

Photosensitization of Melanin and the Effect of Visible Light on Skin and HairFrom April’s Cosmetiscope
By Orlando Chiarelli-Neto and Maurício S. Baptista

In order to understand the phenomena that affect the health of skin and hair under sun exposure, we must pay special attention to the chemical reactions that are induced after specific biological compounds absorb light and are brought to the excited state. Although there is a naïve belief that only ultraviolet (UV) radiation damages the skin, our work indicates that visible light can cause damage in hair and skin. The mechanism involves light absorption by melanin and an energy transfer reaction of the excited state with oxygen by forming singlet oxygen (1O2), which attacks lipids, proteins, and DNA. By using melanocytes that produce different levels of melanin, we were able to demonstrate in cells producing high levels of melanin that visible light causes direct damage to nuclear DNA. This result has an important impact on public health because it suggests that visible light could cause similar deleterious effects in skin as those caused by UVA. Contemporary sunscreens protect against ultraviolet radiation, but allow photons in the visible range to freely penetrate the skin …. MORE

2-Day Rheology Class on March 19-20, 2015 at Princeton University

Special thanks to Joe Alabnese (NYSCC event organizer) and Dr. Hemi Nae of Hydan Technologies who brought his acclaimed 2-day Practical Rheology Course to Princeton, NJ. The study and measurement of rheological properties was the study subject for chemists, formulators and other scientists interested in the personal care industry. Joining Hemi were instrument vendors explaining their rheometers.