Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to the NYSCC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee! Thank you for visiting our website.

The people who use cosmetic products are as diverse as the individuals who help create them! We feel that all society members should be encouraged to be their authentic self and bring out the best in each other. When we better understand each other, the more freely ideas can be exchanged and the more positive change can be made.

The NYSCC Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s Mission is to engage all society members in conversation that provide leadership in the cosmetics community around diversity and Inclusion. All current and future members are embraced and heard regardless of color, gender, age or sexual orientation.

Gabriella Yankovich, Chair

I have been a beauty fanatic for almost a decade, starting a self-taught education through YouTube tutorials in my childhood bedroom. I began developing a love for science and holistic wellness to achieve an undergraduate degree in Food Science with a concentration in Management and Economics, and a minor in Environmental and Business Economics from Rutgers University. I entered the industry in 2019 working in product stewardship/regulatory in Agriculture Chemicals, then technical sales for raw material manufacturing for personal care chemicals. I have been part of the NYSCC chapter ever since to explore the fibrous network of our industry and the inspiring people who continue to shape it every day. I once again took the opportunity to learn from my bedroom and received an MS in Cosmetic Science through the SCS Distance Learning Program to further deepen my technical knowledge of the biology and chemistry of our personal care ingredients, formulating, marketing, measurement science, packaging, and research analytics of the market. I am now working at a Japanese conglomerate to enhance the holistic wellness mantra of internal and external beauty with upcycled, fermented, and plant derived materials and technologies to work with our bodies topically, not against them.

We want to embody topics of diversity, equity, and inclusivity past our identifiable features and characteristics. It is about the seasonal skin and hair care to work with one’s surrounding environment. As well as providing education breaking down different skin types, melanin pigmentation, and hair types to use correct personal care products in our oversaturated market. Matching age brackets to maintain healthy cell structure in hair, skin, nails, and body at each life stage. How different cultures bring innovations to North American beauty and personal care leading to debunking myths and assumptions for hair, skin, and body types of different nationalities.

As a first generation Russian-Jewish-American, I exude the grit, empathy, and creativity I have been taught by my Eastern European roots for an uplifting and honest community we may all share. Please feel free to contact me as I am always looking forward to an insightful conversation over coffee, tea, yoga, hiking, etc.!