Executive Board

Executive Board


Giorgino Macalino

Giorgino (Gino) Macalino serves as the Chair of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University. As Manager of Makeup Innovation at the Estée Lauder Companies, he leads a team of scientists on cultivating breakthrough innovation through synergistic rigor on technical and creative approach. Giorgino joined the Cosmetic Society almost 10 years ago and has worked for a variety of business units including brands, TPM, and raw material suppliers for the color cosmetics category.

His tenure with the NYSCC began in 2012 when he was elected/appointed/volunteered as Chair for Social Media committee, and has steadily increased his responsibilities, first as Chapter Secretary in 2015 and now as Chair Elect. Giorgino was instrumental in the process of integrating the NYSCC’s electronic election system, which improved the digital data integrity of the society; building the Chapter’s social media network; co-creating scientific initiatives such as the Future Chemist workshop, and the development of Awards Night Events in 2013.

His passion for Cosmetic Science has helped lead him to his successful leadership of the SCC’s world’s largest chapter, and he is committed both to fostering the Society’s mission and creating a dynamic organization that gives back to its members! His theme for 2020, supported by an apparent and revolutionized approach to the Cosmetic Industry will be, “Revolutionary Disruptors!”


Susanna Fernandes

Susanna Fernandes will be the 2020 Chair-elect of the NYSCC. She has been working in the cosmetic industry for nine years and has played a role in the NYSCC for six years.

Susanna’s first role in the New York chapter was on the Social Media Committee. From there, she moved on to the committee that plans the Holiday and Suppliers’ Day Awards Nights. As she grew into new roles within the organization, she carried the experience she gained along the way to thrive in each new position. Last year, Susanna completed her term as Program Chair and coordinated all NYSCC events for 2019 and 2020. Thanks to her help, we had a larger turnout at events than ever before.

As the 2020 Chair-Elect she is confident that she will continue to use all that she has learned to be the best Chair of the NYSCC that she can be. Learning and educating others have always been her core goals and the SCC has helped her achieve these goals by allowing her to be part of the team that planned and introduced the first Future Chemists Workshop at Suppliers’ Day. As Chair-Elect she will strive to create and contribute to more projects that inspire and teach current and future generations about our great industry.


Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter has been a member of the NYSCC since 2012 and began volunteering on the Suppliers’ Day committee in 2015. Stephen was elected Treasurer for the three-year term in 2017 and enters his final year as Treasurer for 2020. Passionate about the NYSCC mission of advancing cosmetic science, he is honored to serve in his current role, and excited to remain involved with volunteering once his Treasurer term concludes.

Stephen received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at Rutgers University-Camden while living in Philadelphia. He went on to attain his Professional Science Master’s Degree (MBS) from Rutgers University-New Brunswick with a focus in Personal Care Science. Stephen entered the cosmetic industry almost ten years ago in R & D at TRI-K Industries and in the past five years he was promoted from Technical Sales Rep to Business Manager for the Personal Care Division of Jarchem. He leads a team of creative individuals to cultivate innovation and meet the delicate, ever-changing needs of our industry.

When not looking for creative new ways to advance cosmetic science at work or through volunteering, Stephen’s free time is often spent hanging with family and friends, watching sports and trying to stay active.


Leor Fay Tal

Leor Fay graduated from Rutgers University, earning her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, and is the Technical Marketing Leader for the Personal Care division of Gattefossé USA. In her role, she delivers information on trends and consumers, provides technical marketing support to the company’s sales teams and agents across North America, Canada, and Mexico, and works to promote knowledge and understanding of the company’s ingredients.

Prior to Gattefossé, Leor worked at MANA Products in the R&D Powder Laboratory and then as the Raw Material Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

Leor Fay is an active member of the NYSCC. She organized the April 2018 event Cosmetics in the Middle East, A Regulatory Perspective, and now serves as the Secretary for the executive board.

Treasurer Elect

Mohamed Abdulla

Mohamed Abdulla (Moe) came into the cosmetic industry over 10 years ago. After earning a BA from Hunter College, he worked at various companies such as Henkel Loctite, Evonik Degussa, and Arch (now Lonza Consumer Care), and is currently at SEPPIC, Inc.

Mohamed began his career at SEPPIC managing the Inside Sales accounts through webinars, teleconferences and customer visits as Technical Sales Representative. He was promoted to Regional Account Manager managing accounts in the Midwest and on the East Coast, as well as distribution in Canada and industrial accounts for the Midwest.

Mohamed has been a proud member of the NYSCC since 2009, and has volunteered in several roles such as as House Chair and Membership Chair, and is currently Treasurer-Elect for 2019/2020 as part of Executive Board. In 2016 he received the Chapter Merit Award for exceptional service and dedication. Outside of work and volunteering, Mohamed spends most of his free time with his family, spoiling his niece Sara, and eating exotic foods during his travels. Mohamed and his wife most recently moved back to NJ and are raising their newborn son, Omar, named in memory of his father who passed away at the end of 2016.


Sonia Dawson

Sonia Dawson was the NYSCC’s 2019 Chair and enters her final year on the executive board as Advisor for 2020. As Advisor, Sonia will be available to the board for advice and insight regarding organizational matters to ensure smooth transition of the new board and continuity of all key chapter activities.

Sonia is Regional Marketing Manager for DSM Personal Care North America, responsible for the regional marketing strategy across all segments of DSM’s Personal Care product portfolio, including Sun Care, Vitamins, Hair Care and Skin Care. She has 16 years of experience in the Personal Care industry spanning marketing, sales and R & D with a strong background in skincare actives and botanicals. Sonia has a technical background in Chemical Engineering with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Sonia has been a member of the NY chapter since 2003 and began serving the chapter in several capacities. In her early years she managed meeting attendee registration, followed by serving on the Educational Program Committee, responsible for monthly meeting topics and speaker selection. In most recent years, she has served on the Executive Committee as Secretary, Treasurer and Chair.