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The NYSCC Mentorship program is a pioneering initiative in the cosmetic science industry dedicated to building meaningful and authentic connections.

Our mission is rooted in inspiration, sharing of knowledge, and networking. Together, we strive to develop industry insights and to enrich and advance our members’ personal and professional growth so we may reach our fullest potential as scientists and as future leaders.

We are committed to uphold strong ethical values and work in alignment and partnership with the NYSCC. Our goal for the program is to connect industry professionals to create strong mentor/mentee relationships, and hold special events with the focus on networking, and personal and professional development.

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Thank you very much for your interest in our program! As we are a new initiative within the NYSCC Chapter, we ask that at this time for our mentors and mentees to belong to the NYSCC Chapter. We hope that as we grow bigger and stronger we can begin recruiting outside of our chapter. In the meantime please feel free to contact us for recommendations and future updates.

Mentorship Program Co-Chairs:


Mary Fendelander and Ava Atri

Committee Volunteers:

Jen King, Kimun Park, Maria Refe, Maureen Zettel, Daleen Zakaib, Nicole Paraszczuk

Mary Fendelander
Co-Chair NYSCC Mentorship Program

Ava Atri
Co-Chair NYSCC Mentorship Program

Jen King
NYSCC Mentorship Volunteer

Kimun Park
NYSCC Mentorship Volunteer

Maureen Zettel
NYSCC Mentorship Volunteer

Daleen Zakaib
NYSCC Mentorship Volunteer

Nicole Paraszczuk
NYSCC Mentorship Volunteer