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Suppliers’ Day Exhibitor Advisory Committee

Welcome to Exhibitor Advisory Committee Members!

We are thrilled to have you as part of our chapter and community.  Our goal is to provide relevant and engaging education and programs accessible to beauty and personal care chemists and formulators around the world.

As a member of the Society for more than 15 years, I personally experienced the positive impact that the SCC has on a cosmetic professional’s career—from learning and networking at chapter and national events to continuing education programs to publishing opportunities in the Journal of Cosmetic Science and Cosmetiscope.

Our roles as scientists, chemists, educators, and mentors are more important than ever, and will be reflected in our theme this year: Inspire. Innovate. Create.

We will expand beyond the chemists’ community and highlight the full spectrum of product and brand success—marketing, sales, compliance, packaging and more. Together we play a very integral role in what the consumer wants and expects from beauty and personal care products.

Celebrating our 70th Anniversary, NYSCC wouldn’t be where it is today, the SCC’s largest Chapter and organizers of North America’s most important ingredient event, Suppliers’ Day, without the support, dedication and expertise of our members and committee members.

With a full slate of activities planned for 2024, anchored by Suppliers’ Day, NYSCC members, and the beauty and personal care community, will have many opportunities to increase their knowledge, advance their careers and have fun along the way. We look forward to working with you over the coming year and are grateful for your participation and support!

Dr. Amber O. Evans
2024 Chair of NYSCC

Carolmarie C. Brown

Terry Mullin

Andrew Miller
BASF Corporation

Wes Moore

Victoria Mitchel

Panayiota Kalimanis

Lisa Coniker
Essential Ingredients, Inc.

Janet Lozinski
LBB Specialties, LLC

Jennifer McNaughton

Fana Makonnen
T.A.O.S. Inc.

Jim Francisco
Vantage Corporation

Laura Szymczak
Ultra Chemical, Inc.