Executive Committee

Cathy Piterski


By Laws chair is part of the Executive Committee to make sure our chapter is running smoothly and are following both National’s and the chapter’s By-Laws. This position can also be used as training for a National representative to be on the National Constitution and By-Laws committee for a two-year term.

Alexis Piterski


The Program Chair is an appointed position and is a voting member of the NYSCC board.  It is the responsibility of the Program Chair to secure informative and interesting guest speakers relating to the Chair’s theme.

Afam Okoro


The House Chair shall work with the Program Chair and committee to select the place and time of the monthly meeting. Duties include to thoroughly review and set up contracts with the venues for the meetings, determine menu, special needs requests and confirm the number of guests, prepare venue for accommodations for chairs, speakers and attendees.

Cathy Piterski


The Membership Chair is part of the Executive Committee of the NYSCC. This position is instrumental on driving new or potential members of the chapter. He/ She also focuses on activities to engage student members which is vital initiative of our Mission as on organization to prepare our new generation of Cosmetic Scientists/ Chemists as they enter the Cosmetic Science workforce. The Membership Chair is also active on one of our educational platform, Future Chemist Workshop which delivers , “Hands On,” experience to Students whether they are members or not. This initiative is an annual event hosted at our yearly industry wide tradeshow, Suppliers Day. Lastly, the Chair is also responsible on monitoring membership analytics to ensure we deploy necessary steps to engage new members, retain current members and monitor any membership cancellations.

Roger McMullen

Cosmetiscope Editor

The Cosmetiscope Editor is a vital part of the Executive Committee of the NYSCC who is responsible for producing and curating the monthly Cosmetiscope for the NYSCC. He/ She identifies important information and stories in order to disseminate and communicate to the Membership of NYSCC. The Chair is also part of the committee which reviews and vets received submissions for submission to the NYSCC Executive Board of Directors for review, as appropriate. This position works with the cross functional NYSCC organization to ensure sound judgement is established on throughout the organization.