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See what the FUTURE CHEMIST can expect at SUPPLIERS’ DAY 2021 featuring the FUTURE CHEMIST WORKSHOP!

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The Future Chemist Workshop was created to give university students and young professionals insight on how to become a Cosmetic Chemist through a tutorial and practical workshop. This workshop will be led by a Cosmetic Industry Expert who is skilled in their area of formulation development. We are currently working with NYSCC’s University partners and SCC Chapter partners to invite students who are currently enrolled in science programs that are related to or are associated with future cosmetic chemist careers.

Anushka Nadkarni, Instructor

Formulation Scientist at Bentley Labs

Committee Members

John Carola, Sub Committee Chair

Maria Mo, Equipment Advisor

Alexandria Brielmaier, Equipment

Tania Viana, Raw Materials

Thomas Drweiga, Course assist/Lab turnover

Carla Garnet, Course assist/Lab turnover

Christian Merkovsky, Course assist/Lab turnover

Cynthia Johnson, Speaker

Elizabeth Aguilirre, 2021 Speaker

Future Chemists Workshop Survival Guide

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