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Future Chemist Workshop

The Future Chemist Workshop was created to give university students and young professionals insight on how to become a Cosmetic Chemist through a tutorial and practical workshop. This workshop will be led by a Cosmetic Industry Expert who is skilled in their area of formulation development. We are currently working with NYSCC’s University partners and SCC Chapter partners to invite students who are currently enrolled in science programs that are related to or are associated with future cosmetic chemist careers.

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2024 Instructor

Jane Tsui

Jane Tsui, a dedicated professional in the beauty industry, graduated with a chemistry degree from UCI. She embarked on a career journey as a formulator in the cosmetic chemistry field, contributing her expertise to contract manufacturers, skincare brands, and pharmaceutical companies.

Jane enjoys simplifying complex scientific concepts, making them accessible to her audience. Through platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, she shares her extensive knowledge through educational content, honest product reviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into laboratory work. With a flair for creativity and a love for science, she’s on a mission to shed light on this unique and niche industry. Through engaging posts and insightful content, Jane hopes to inspire budding students to explore the exciting possibilities within cosmetic chemistry and join her in the pursuit of beauty through science.

Committee Members

John Carola, Sub Committee Co-Chair
Thomas Drwiega, Sub Committee Co-Chair (Course Assist)
Susanna Fernandes, Student Liaison
Alexis Skidmore, Student Travel Liaison
Tania Viana, Raw Materials
Daleen Zakaib, Social Media / Raw Materials
Christian Merkovsky, Course Assist / Student Paperwork

Future Chemists Workshop Survival Guide

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