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New Product Announcement 2024

Explore the latest product breakthroughs revealed at Suppliers’ Day 2024!

Booth #2117

Tea Tree Oil Organic & Conventional
-Rosemary Verbenone
-Eucalyptus Radiata & Globulus
-Lemongrass Oil
-Essential Oils
-Organic & Conventional South African essential Oils.

Salicylates & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Booth #741

Lactic acid, a naturally occurring organic acid, is a gentle and safe preservative and boasts various advantageous properties, making it a versatile ingredient across industries. Its antimicrobial properties, pH regulation, and potential health benefits make it unique. Our team has developed three innovative vegan blends with Lactic Acid using Salicylic acid (SALIGUARD LAS), Gluconolactone (SALIGUARD LAG), and Undecylenic Acid (SALIGUARD LAU). These eco-friendly broad-spectrum blends are safe, compatible with various formulation ingredients and most importantly phenoxyethanol free. From baby care to intimate hygiene washes to serums, these blends can work in multiple applications, providing benefits such as mild exfoliation, while remaining gentle on the skin.

Topical Skin
Booth #1917

Topical Skin Hydrating Facial Cleanser with Oleosomes

Topical Skin Age-Defying Peptide Serum is a lightweight, rejuvenating serum designed to help improve the appearance of signs of aging and reveal a more youthful complexion. Enhanced with moisture-locking Oleosome technology, the serum absorbs quickly and layers easily.

A comprehensive blend of peptides, vitamins, and botanicals work together to help ward off pro-aging glycation effects, soothe skin, and deliver collagen-rich skin appearance. Vital antioxidants help protect skin against environmental stressors while helping to conserve elastin.

This botanical powerhouse serum is supercharged with a cast of hydrating ingredients.

Booth #725

VariKer Green is a new product from Variati. It is composed of vegetable proteins upcycled from food by-products, which are hydrolyzed and blended to mimic and replace hydrolyzed animal keratin. VariKer Green helps repair and restore damaged hair.

LCS Biotech
Booth #725

LCS Biotech is launching EcoCera Plus, an optimized blend of Ceramide NP and Ceramide NP Stearate. This unique ceramide blend delivers significantly better hydration and reduced TEWL than Ceramide NP alone. It also provides a stabilizing effect on the multilamellar lipid structure in the stratum corneum, thanks to the novel bidirectional anchoring mode of action of Ceramide NP Stearate.

Actives International
Booth #725

ViaDerm TXA is a next-generation solution for skin pigmentation problems. Unlike traditional skin lightening agents that influence the effect of tyrosinase on melanogenesis, ViaDerm TXA impacts skin pigmentation by influencing plasmin activity and intracellular signaling. It is a highly effective skin depigmentation agent that has been clinically tested and shown to lighten dark spots, while enhancing skin radiance and skin tone.

Actives International’s water-soluble mushroom extract, ViaFerm White Shiitake SP, was previously shown to biocatalytically degrade melanin in vitro, and lighten skin tone in vivo. Now a new clinical study has demonstrated the visible reduction of dark spot pigmentation after 28 days. ViaFerm White Shiitake SP delivers a more radiant, even-toned complexion that glows.

ViaFerm Apple is a biofermentation of apples that retains the health benefits of the fruit and enhances apple fruit acids. This apple fusion imparts a smoother, more uniform texture to the skin and results in a healthier looking appearance. Clinical studies demonstrate that after regular use, skin is left feeling fresh, renewed and moisturized. Skin looks and feels significantly smoother. Skin roughness, scaliness, flakiness and dryness are visibly diminished.

Booth #1167

Nouryon has launched Structure co-surfactant, perfect for mild and natural cleansing. The ingredient imparts mildness, has high clarity and is compatible with a wide range of surfactants.

Azeco Cosmeceuticals B.V.
Booth #1678

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to invite you to explore our booth, where we’ll unveil the magic of Azepur99 – our premium Azelaic acid cosmetic grade revolutionizing the cosmetics industry.

Kumar Organic Products Limited
Booth #249

Kumar Organics has launched Neoceramide, a natural ceramide analog crafted through biotransformation (INCI name Linoleamido Propylene Glycol Palmitate). It acts as a “magic glue” holding skin cells together, enhancing suppleness, texture, and restoring the skin’s epidermal barrier. Clinical studies confirm its efficacy in retaining moisture, replenishing lipids, and nourishing the skin’s natural barrier while protecting against irritants and stressors. What sets Neoceramide apart are its competitive advantages: biobased technology, zero discharge, low melting point, easy formulation, cost-effectiveness, and fast absorption. This unique cost-effective ceramide analogue marks a significant milestone.

Introducing KOPGLOW, a multifunctional natural extract designed with sustainability sentiments. With its INCI name Butylene Glycol (and) Litchi Chinensis Pericarp Extract, KOPGLOW offers proven efficacy across various skincare concerns. Its highlights include anti-tyrosinase efficacy for skin lightening, anti-collagenase and anti-elastase efficacy for anti-aging benefits, and antioxidant properties for protection against pollution and free radicals.

Bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative (INCI 10309-37-2) with a host of skincare benefits. Bakuchiol possesses anti-bacterial, anti-acne, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for skincare and cosmetics. As a natural retinol, Bakuchiol offers similar benefits to traditional retinol without the potential irritation. Derived from the Babchi plant, Bakuchiol is widely used in skincare for its ability to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote overall skin health.

McKinley Resources, Inc.
Booth #1273

In partnership with Normactive, McKinley will introduce SMARTEEN, a new natural neurocosmetic active to the US market. Neurocosmetics address the physiological changes that result from communication between the brain and skin as a result of stress factors such as UV exposure, hormone imbalances, and inadequate sleep. SMARTEEN focuses on reducing eye bags by enhancing microcirculation and smoothing wrinkles and crow’s feet by boosting collagen type I production.

Provital LLC
Booth #444

Shiloxome Provital’s very 1st endophyte-based development and 1st real “ecosystem ingredient”. A 100% traceable, eco-responsible and biotechnologically obtained cosmetic active that encompasses everything the Triplobiome concept represents. Shiloxome, the result of isolating the endophytic yeast Kwoniella mangroviensis from the inside of the bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber), is an incomparably shielding ingredient that – thanks to its symbiotic provenance – provides the skin with the capacity to adapt, survive, and protect itself.

Sealrose is a natural haircare ingredient obtained from the Rosa canina fruit that recovers the lipid layer of the hair cuticle by 72% in one application, returning to lipidic levels of healthy hair. The effect persists even after rinse-off with a 65% of recovery. Beyond its ability to restore the lipid layer, Sealrose also revitalizes sensory attributes as softness and manageability.

Lygos Inc
Booth #1587

Introducing Soltellus, a multifunctional, biodegradable polymer suitable for an array of haircare and skincare applications. Soltellus features chelating, film-forming, and humectant properties improving user experience over traditional formulations. Soltellus performs in cold and hard water and is on the EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredient List.

Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer Inc.
Booth #903

Biotran Aqua Shield:
No matter if your goal is to develop a mascara, an eyeliner or a lip product – the exceptionally long lasting of this polymer, its non-tacky touch, its fast drying time and its outstanding waterproof benefits will amaze you!

-Natural origin content according to ISO 16128: 82%
-Extreme water resistance
-Impressively long-lasting
-Excellent transfer resistance
-Crystal-transparent film
-Water-based material
-Compatible with “clean beauty” claim

Booth #1139

Uncover game-changing efficacy with our newest launch, ETERWELL YOUTH. This 100% natural and organic senolytic solution works at the cellular level to revert skin damage induced by zombie cells, reversing skin appearance by 9 years in just 3 months. Visit our Mixing Bar to create your own sample.

Set to redefine skin protection in 2025, PARSOL Shield will be the first new UV Filter in the US in over 25 years. PARSOL Shield, the most efficient UVA-UVB filter with broad-spectrum performance, has an excellent eco-profile and will be the first UV filter to be fully tested according to FDA’s sunscreen GRASE guidelines for OTC drugs, making our specifications the standard for the market. The time to get your formulations ready is now!

Jojoba Valley
Booth #778

100% natural, unique Jojoba-Enriched vegetable *alternatives to Silicones*
The first product is Jojoba-Enriched Vegetable Alternative to Highly Volatile Silicone like D5/Cyclopentasiloxane.
The other is the perfect alternative to non-Volatile Silicones like Dimethicone.

Both products are, 100% natural, based on ISO16128, Upcycled derived and Readily Biodegradable.

Vantage Personal Care
Booth #1111

CURAZELIC 44 is a novel form of solubilized azelaic acid for improved performance in face cleansers and clear formulations. The liquid ingredient is readily pourable and is easily incorporated in clear toners, face cleansers or gel formulations. It was also demonstrated CURAZELIC 44 helps mitigate the inflammatory effects of topically applied salicylic acid, making it very desirable for the formulation of improved acne treatments. China compliant.

Booth #811

Bicobiome is a natural origin delivery system with targeted delivery of niacinamide, salicylic acid, and lactobacillus ferment to specific skin layers. It’s composed of two lipid assemblies: internal smart discs with the actives and external lipid vesicles enclosing the discs. The vesicle delivers the smart discs to the skin which penetrate the SC. The lipid bilayers that form the exterior of the smart discs act to replenish, rebuild, and reinforce the skin’s natural lipid matrix.

Booth #507

Perfectyl biofunctional is a high-tech chamomile extract, inspired by new aesthetic techniques, to clarify & smoothen skin flaws (such as pores & hyperpigmentation) for all ethnicities. Ashland uses fresh & living chamomile, Zeta Fraction technology and A.I to reveal the science of clear skin with a pure, patented extract naturally rich in GABA & flower acids.

Styleze es-forza ingredient, Ashland’s most recent addition to its plant based eco-styling product line intended for gels and cream formulations, boasts a customizable stiffness allowing formulators to tailor their products to a desired stiffness and hold while maintaining any hair styles in the most extreme humidity.

n-durhance es-repair ingredient, a durable split end repair polymer, protects hair from damage and breakage during wet combing and heat styling. It also provides excellent sensorial properties giving the hair a lubricious, not tacky feel when wet and perfectly conditioned when dry.

Sharon Personal Care
Booth #745

Sharon AquaVita
Revolutionizing Preservation: Protecting the formula and benefiting the skin.

The world’s first vitamin based multifunctional preservation system. We utilize the benefits of Niacinamide and enhance it through a synergistic mechanism to protect the formula and deliver skincare benefits.

The AquaVita line is hydro soluble, odorless, colorless and non-pH dependent (between 4-8) and globally compliant.


SharoHyal Moringa The Perfect Synergy between Moringa Microproteins & low MW hyaluronic acid. SharoHyal Moringa was developed to repair hair that has been damaged by treatments such as heat tools, everyday styling, and the natural aging process. It acts like a vegan keratin to replenish hair moisture, fight the signs of aging and restructure the cuticle from the inside out. SharoHyal Moringa strengthens hair, making it more resilient, reducing breakage and restoring vitality.

LipoTrue S.L
Booth #539

Frag-Brillin remastered is a biomimetic fragment of human fibrillin-1, transiently expressed through LipoTrue‚ Wild plants as biofactories technology, grown via vertical farming. Frag-Brillin remastered rebuilds elastic resilience stimulating fibrillin microfibrils and elastic fibers formation. It also promotes cellasticity and skin remodeling. It instantly improves firmness and elasticity in both face and body and immediately smoothes wrinkles.


SP[AI]3TM is a unique peptide obtained in silico through AI among thousands of candidates, with optimal binding and specificity, to modulate not just one, but three key players: sebum, pore, inflammation. improve the appearance of blemishes and imperfections in acne-prone skin

DKSH North America – Kahai
Booth #1119

Kahai‚ Oil ‚ Now China Compliance
Powerful Cell Regenerator for Skin and Hair Care
Luxury cold extracted oil from the nuts of a majestic Amazonian tree‚ Cacay‚

–                100% pure Anti-aging Oil

–                High levels of linoleic acid, vitamin E and retinol

–                Regenerative, Antioxidant

–                Restores skin luminosity

–                Reduces wrinkles, fine lines

–                Helps diminish dark spots

–                Promotes long lasting hydration and elasticity

–                Protects hair from damage by iron

–                Hair nourishment & Repair

–                Light texture that quickly absorbs


Luna-PC CeraNP 3 and 3B

– Mimics Skin Natural Ceramides.

– Strengthens Skin’s Natural Barrier

– Enhances Skin Hydration (Long-Term effects)

– Increases Moisture Retention

– Protects Against External Substances & Irritants

– Reinforce The Natural Lipid Barrier of Dry and Aging skin

– Effective for Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin, Skin barrier enhancement, moisturizing.

Luna-PC CeraAP Enhances Skin’s Barrier Function; Maintains The Health and Integrity of the Skin; Retains Moisture; Protects Against Environmental Stressors; Prevents Water Loss; Promotes Healthy Skin Peeling; Mild Desquamation Luna-PC PHS Promotes Skin Regeneration through keratinocyte differentiation; Provides Soothing Effects on UV-induced skin actinic erythema; Offers Anti-Aging Benefits by moisturizing and improving skin barrier function; Exhibits Antimicrobial Activity against acne, dandruff, and atopic bacteria; Helps Reduce Wrinkles; Improves Scalp Health


Nicomenthyl TAO (Turmeric Anti-Oxidant) is a balanced synergy that harmonizes the proven protective and detoxifying properties of Menthyl nicotinate (lipophilic derivative of niacin or vitamin B3) with the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties of the active ingredient (curcumin) contained in Curcuma longa (Turmeric). Turmeric is the most studied spice in the world, especially its active principle curcumin. A broad spectrum of studies has demonstrated curcumin’s ability to induce numerous biological and pharmacological effects. It is a powerful antioxidant that can both prevent the formation of free radicals and neutralize existing free radicals. Its antioxidant property is much superior to that of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

E-Leen 58 GOLD


– Antioxidant bioflavonoids

– Skin humectant

– Natural antimicrobial solution

– Upcycled from food waste

E-Leen 58 UNIQUE MULTIFUNCTIONAL BIOBASED INGREDIENT – Synergistic cosmetic solvent – Skin humectant – 100% biobased antimicrobial – Efficient at low use level

VeganBiotics Asper-W

Benefits: Skin barrier enhancement, Anti-aging

Product Details: VeganBiotics Asper-W is sustainable vegan phyto peptide and collagen fermenting with Aspergillus oryzae derived Korean specialty nutritional wheat

Citron Barrier Ceramide Benefits: Skin barrier & NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factors) enhancement Product Details: Citron Barrier is Ceramide naturally derived pseudo-ceramide on Citron Seed Oil.


Benefits: With its small molecular aids in replenishing the collagen production that decreases with age; Plays a significant role in tightening, repairing, and anti-wrinkle.

Product Details: Designed to optimize skin health by facilitating transdermal absorption. Enhances anti-aging capabilities; targets the skin‚ basement membrane for rejuvenation. 100% homologous to native human collagen, ensuring high compatibility and effectiveness. Exclusive in its market availability, MiniReCol17 is a raw material for its distinct properties and global accessibility.

OpenSee Phycoskin

Benefits: Eye-Care; Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, lifting, smoothing, tightening, Reduces dark circles + puffiness, Collagen + Elasticity boosting.

Product Details: high-efficacy active ingredient to enhance 360 eye contour beauty, without side effects. Two clinical studies have demonstrated after 28 days: lifting effect (7.9%) on drooping eyelid; smoothing of crow’s feet wrinkles (35% length and 44% depth); reduction of bags under the eyes (11%)

ViscoNat U Natural Thickener, Co-Emulsifier, Immediate flash effect. (BSB Innovation Award – 1st Prize) ViscoNat U is a natural, environmentally friendly thickener and co-emulsifier, based on plants. It works in a great range of pH and temperatures, giving excellent gels and emulsions with an exceptional velvet touch. Made of carefully selected plants, it is safe for the environment and is a perfect alternative for the thickeners based on microplastics.


An Antiaging Flower Bud From A Volcanic Island for Skin Glow

Fom Pantalleria, an Italian island known as the black Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea‚ an active ingredient from capers, flower buds that keep the essence of the island, to protect the skin from aging and promote skin glow.



Activated Oils to Sooth/Restore Skin and Improve Hair Combability and Shine A blend of sea buckthorn oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil and sunflower oil has been treated with our exclusive Enzymatic Activation Technology to boost the bioavailability and improve the sensorial properties. The product soothes skin and restore the hydrolipidic layer and is also able to increase hair combability and shine.


COSMOS Appr. Phytoncollagen from upcycling.  From upcycling of pumpkin seedcake, a vegan alternative more effective of animal derived collagen on skin. Now also tested for Haircare applications to protect the skin from aging and promote skin glow.

Shanghai Coachchem Technology Co. , Ltd.
Booth #1670

Pyridoxine is a water-soluble vitamin B6 that has antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and oil-control properties. However, its hydrophilicity makes it difficult to absorb and utilize.

Anallerg-VB-IP(Pyridoxine tris-hexyldecanoate), serves as an oil-soluble vitamin B6 derivative. It not only retains the positive effects of VB6 but also exhibits enhanced permeability with the skin.

VB-P is a cross-cutting and evolutionary development based on Vitamin B. It strengthens barrier function by promoting the synthesis of LOR and FLG, thereby providing moisturizing effects. It also serves as an inhibitor of 5α-reductase, offering oil-control benefit. It exhibits greater skin affinity, permeability, and biological utilization.

Viablife Biotech
Booth #1766

Viablife is a leading biomanufacturer of high premium natural cosmetic ingredients. Our featured products include ViableCare Ceramide, New Generation Nicotinamide, Hydroxytyrosol (olive antioxidant).
ViableCare Ceramide: 1 of 3 manufacturers in the world; Provide innovative and easy-to-use solutions. Product series include Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, & Ceramide EOP, TAPS, Phytosphingosine, Ceramide 50, LipoCera4, LipoCera8 & CeraMix.

Hydroxytyrosol: 1st approved in cosmetics and food in China; Nature-identical olive antioxidant

New Generation Nicotinamide: >20ppm nicotinic acid & best on the market.

ABio materials Co., Ltd.
Booth # 786

CellExosome Blacklabel:
– The content of proteins and exosomes has increased by more than 150% compared to the previous version.
– The protein content has been enhanced to 60ug/vial from the previous 40ug/vial, marking a 150% improvement.
– The content of asparagus and ginseng exosomes has been fortified from 5% to 10%.
– Based on accelerated and stress test results, a formulation stable against heat and oxygen has been developed, allowing for an extended shelf life of up to 3 years.
– The concentration of stem cell-derived exosomes is more than 2.0 x 1010 particles per vial.
– This is a preservative-free product, with no preservatives added.

Uviva Technologies LLC
Booth # 1602

Uviva Technologies is proud to announce the launch of a new product set to revolutionize the way the cosmetics industry works with zinc oxide. Introducing Eclipse¬Æ G1 Granules, a game-changing innovation in working with zinc oxide. Eclipse¬Æ G1 Granules offer an advanced ease of use: a free-flowing material that prevents dust formation when adding powder to mixing vessels, while maintaining the same exceptional quality and performance expected from Eclipse¬Æ zinc oxide. This innovative product marks the first of its kind in the market, setting a new standard for cosmetic ingredients. The granulated form of Eclipse® G1 simplifies the formulation process without compromising on performance. The Eclipse® G1 granules are 100% zinc oxide, free from added additives, without compromising the end formula composition. “We are thrilled to introduce Eclipse® G1 Granules to the cosmetics and suncare industry,” said Jeroen van den Bosch, Managing Director at Uviva Technologies. “This revolutionary product represents a long overdue advancement in zinc oxide technology. Combining ease-of use and prevention of dust formation without the need for working with dispersions is a revolutionary new way formulators can work with zinc oxide while maintaining full formulation freedom.” Mattia Battistin from Kalis, a seasoned formulator, commented on the significance of Eclipse® G1 Granules, stating, “Working with zinc oxide granules offers a seamless experience in formulation while delivering exceptional results. It’s an advantage for formulators everywhere.” Samples of Eclipse® G1 Granules will be available for demonstration at Booth #1602.

Booth # 1061

NATURSOL™ EMI Lite represents a paradigm shift in skincare formulation. Combining light texture and stabilizing performance, this innovative rheology modifier boasts a naturality index of 78%, positioning it as a frontrunner in environmentally conscious beauty solutions. With its superior biodegradability, NATURSOL™ EMI Lite offers skincare formulators the opportunity to create luxurious textures without compromising eco-friendliness.

Booth # 1749

RESVINIA® is a new natural active ingredient made of grapevine Resveratrol & epsilon-Viniferin extracted solely from upcycled French vineyards, vine shoots. It can be used in cosmetic formulations for its haircare properties proven by efficacy studies such as prevention of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth, protective effect and anti-pollution properties.

Booth #423

Volpura® EPO, a revolutionary anti-aging ingredient extracted from Echinacea purpurea. This waterless botanical extract revitalizes your skin, combatting wrinkles and sagging from within, restoring a more youthful appearance.
– An anhydrous formulation, Volpura EPO seamlessly integrates into various products, maintaining efficacy even at temperatures up to 85C.
– Clinically proven to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin firmness by 14% and elasticity by 44%, users experienced visibly younger-looking skin on the face and hands.

Lucas Meyer
Booth #1003

Corneopeptyl is a new patented biomimetic peptide obtained by green chemistry-based synthesis. By mimicking the LCE6A protein activity, Corneopeptyl strengthens the corneocyte envelope resulting in a more resilient epidermal barrier with improved barrier function.

Using AI combined with a patented algorithm, Corneopeptyl’s efficacy was demonstrated using real-life results from volunteers using it once per day for 28 days. Clinical studies showed stronger skin barrier, reduced appearance of wrinkles and improved skin tonicity, smoothness, and hydration.

(distributed by EES)
Booth #1237

ReNuva SL-A70 (INCI: Glycolipids) is multifunctional biolipid developed through biotechnology capable of contributing to the functional performance of a formulation while bringing additional clinical benefit claims. With an industry low CMC of 10mg/L, it excels at cleansing, emulsification, and solubility. Additionally, its sophorose (sugar) polar head groups and unique lactone structures have been clinically tested for moisturization, TEWL, acne, dandruff and preservation benefits. ReNuva products are where clean beauty meets proven performance.

Phoenix Chemical, Inc.
Booth #1245

New Ethyl Esters from Phoenix Chemical are unique, innovative esters ideal for skin, hair and color applications.