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Indie 360 Programming 2024

Explore all the groundbreaking  innovators in this year’s INDIE 360° Pavilion Participants in 2024!

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty, a Black-owned brand at the forefront of innovation and inclusivity, creates makeup that caters to all skin tones and types. Our standout Thermal Blush showcases our dedication to bespoke beauty solutions. Embracing diversity, wellness, and empowerment, we set new standards in the beauty industry, celebrating the unique beauty of every individual with pride in our heritage. www.ashuntabeauty.com  | TT ashuntasheriffbeauty | IG: ashuntasheriff

Aum Perfume

Aum Perfume is an outstanding fragrance brand, distinct from the conventional. Each fragrance in our collection carries its own unique story, enriched with highly concentrated, top-tier fragrance oils. Experience opulence and quality, promising boundless pleasure and contentment when wearing Aum Perfume. https://www.aum-perfume.co.uk/


Jovy is the first EWG VERIFIED safe makeup made just for kids. Crafted to ignite imaginative play, Jovy’s makeup offers children the safest way to explore their curiosity with makeup. With light, shimmery colors, Jovy’s hypoallergenic formulas contain nourishing ingredients that protect young skin and are both dermatologist and ophthalmologist approved. www.jovyco.com | @purejovy #Bejovy #SafelyMadeForJoyfulPlay

Lash Spell

Lash Spell is recognized for its commitment to enhancing consumers’ natural eyebrows and lashes, offering effective yet gentle products suitable for even the most sensitive users.  Backed by numerous positive online reviews, Lash Spell’s formulations leverage a blend of peptides, proteins, vitamins, and conditioning ingredients, delivering visible results in as little as 4-6 weeks. www.lashspell.com | IG: lash_spell


The LUNAESCENT touch-free skincare applicator/massager is designed to (i) prevent contamination of skincare products, (ii) preserve the potency of active ingredients in skincare, (iii) prevent waste through unwanted absorption into fingers and hands, and (iv) replace common skincare tools with a multipurpose hygienic alternative that is reusable and long lasting. https://lunaescent.com | IG:@lunaescentskin TikTok: @lunaescentskin FB:@lunaescent

Magic Molecule

We developed a product designed to create the optimal environment for your skin’s natural healing process. Simply spray Magic Molecule on the skin to remove bacteria help relieve the majority of skin ailments. https://magicmolecule.co @magicmoleculeinc


Nopalera champions Mexican Heritage through its clean collection of bath & body products powered by Mexico’s nopal cactus.  Launched in 2020 with the mission to build an aspirational Latina legacy brand, Nopalera is meeting the outsized demand for an underserved customer – Latinos – the fastest growing group in the USA. The brand is available in over 400 retailers nationwide including Credo Beauty, Nordstrom, Free People, and more. www.nopalera.co | IG & TikTok: @nopalera.co

Oui Beauty

OUI Beauty is a luxury skincare brand that was founded by a skincare professional to redefine luxury beauty. Our award-winning packaging is designed for realistic sustainability, with sleek glass bottles and refillable, recyclable satchels. OUI Beauty uses pure, highly-concentrated ingredients free of harmful chemicals that have been proven to heal and rebuild the skin’s barrier layer. www.ouicosmetics.com | TikTok @ouibeauty | IG @o.u.i.beauty

Prohibition Wellness

In a world of gender-coded body care, Prohibition Wellness is an inclusive line of self-care products designed for every body. With proven formulas that harness the benefits of premium hemp seed oil and natural ingredients, the Prohibition Wellness line is high-end but minimalist, thoughtfully created to become a staple in your daily grooming routine. https://prohibitionwellness.com/ | IG & TikTok: @prohibitionwellness | Hashtag: #ProhibitionWellness


Sanara, birthed in Austin, TX, crafts luxurious spa and wellness rituals infused with the power of indigenous Latin American botanicals. Founded on the belief in healing through connection—mind and body—Sanara’s range from moisturizers to essential oils beckons a journey of self-love, nurtured by earth’s untapped treasures. Embrace yourself with Sanara. https://www.sanaraskincare.com | @sanaraskincare #sanaraskincare

Seis Cosmetics

Seis Cosmetics is a culturally curated beauty brand offering a stunning array of lip products, from color cosmetics to lip care products, to cater to all skin tones. Our FDA and European Union compliant, cruelty free, and vegan friendly formulas are free of paragons, crafted with ultra hydrating ingredients. Proudly Latina-Owned, we redefine beauty  by blending color cosmetics with nourishing lip care elements. Driven by a commitment to community impact, Seis Cosmetics allocates a portion of the proceeds to brain tumor research in honor of my mother, embodying our ethos of “Superior Cosmetics for a Cause!” www.seiscosmetics.com | IG           @seis_cosmetics | TikTok @seiscosmetics | #seiscosmetics

Skincare Junkie

The brainchild of award-winning NYC dermatologist Dr. Blair Rose, Skincare Junkie gives you powerful ingredients in just the right combinations and concentrations. Our fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, vegan formulas are fun and easy to use—so you can feed your skincare obsession without the confusion that comes with navigating a million unproven beauty products. www.skincarejunkie.com | @skincarejunkieofficial


SKINTELA, drawing inspiration from the Italian term “Tela” for canvas, is an inventive skincare brand, much like a painter on a canvas, celebrating the diversity of all Fitzpatrick skin types. Founded on the expertise of industry professionals, SKINTELA harmoniously combines the best in skincare evolution with powerful formulas that honor the timeless principle of treating individual canvases with ultimate care. skintela.com

State of Change

State of Change is a skin-loving solid fragrance brand rooted in thoughtful formulation and 100% ingredient transparency. As a leader in fragrance formulation, all products are vegan, alcohol-free and filled with microbiome-friendly ingredients. These nourishing fragrances melt into your skin, thanks to a moisturizing, antioxidant-rich base formula, housed in plastic-free packaging. www.stateofchangeparfum.com https://www.tiktok.com/@stateofchange | https://www.instagram.com/stateofchangeparfum   #savoryourstate

Topical Skin

Topical Skin is a clean dermo-cosmetic line expertly crafted with cosmeceutical ingredients and designed to address multiple signs of aging.  The brand’s preventive and corrective skin care formulas combine botanicals, antioxidants, and nourishing oleosomes with innovative synthetic actives that have undergone clinical validation. Topical Skin multi-functional products are used and recommended by skincare professionals as part of rejuvenating treatment protocols and as a supplement to cosmetic treatments. www.topicalskin.com | TikTok: @topicalskin  | Instagram:   @topicalskin.us

Ziba Cosmetics

Ziba Cosmetics combines traditional eyebrow artistry with modern empowerment through its signature brow collection. As a WOC-owned brand deeply committed to education, meaningful partnerships, and giving back, Ziba champions inclusivity, self-expression, and community support, aiming to elevate beauty standards and drive positive global change.  https://shop.zibabeauty.com/ | @thezibabeauty | Tik Tok :  https://www.tiktok.com/@thezibabeauty

Wednesday, May 1st
Javits Center
10am – 1:15pm
Meeting Room 1C03

This session looks at the INDIE from every angle: from branding to packaging, supply chain, regulatory – and how ingredient suppliers define “INDIE.” This is a must-attend for all involved in personal care product development. Lunch voucher is included.

Eber Bodmer
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Panel Session: Branding to the Future Consumer
What are new trends/categories on the rise vs. fall in cosmetics? Suppliers get into a brand’s brain.


Eber Bodmer
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Anna Keller
Analyst – US Beauty and Personal Care

Karen Young
The Young Group

Contract Packaging: State of the Industry Report
Carl Melville
Managing Partner

Panel: Supply Chain & AI
Akemi Ooka, PhD
Head of Global Supply Chain Resources
Independent Beauty Association

MoCRA 101
Meredith Petillo
Independent Beauty Association

Panel Session: Discussion on burning issues from suppliers to brands…and how they define “INDIE”
Panelists to include: BASF, IMCD, Symrise

Dee Deluca
Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
ECRU New York


Eber Bodmer
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Akemi Ooka, PhD
Head of Global Supply Chain Resources
Independent Beauty Association

Meredith Petillo
Independent Beauty Association