Board Appointments & Event Chairs

NYSCC Board Appointments

Title Committee Chair Affiliation
AHLS Giorgino Macalino Estee Lauder
Communications Maria Sousa Edgewell
D&I Desiree Reid & Alex Bliziotis Desiree Reid&Co. & Mario Badescu
Employment James Grant Edgewell
Eventbrite Manager Thomas Drwiega Fairleigh Dickinson University
Future Chemist Workshop John Carola Protameen
Historian TBD
Mentor/Mentee Program Ava Atri & Mary Fendelander
NYSCC Education Night Giorgino Macalino Estee Lauder
Registration Christina Philips Gattefossé
Scholarship Committee Toussaint Jordan L’Oreal
Scientific Committee Hani Fares Ashland
Social Media Chair Maria Sousa Edgewell
Special Events Amy Marshall Eckart
Suppliers Day Awards Night Giorgino Macalino Estee Lauder
Suppliers’ Day Jane McDermott E.C.M.A

NYSCC Event Chairs

Month Event Name Affiliation
January A Celebration of Color Howard Epstein EMD Group
February Artificial Intelligence and its Application in Personal Care Hani Fares Ashland
March Clean Beauty & Minimalism Giorgio Dell’Acqua Nutrafol
April Skin & Hair Diversity – Inclusive Cosmetic Products for a Diverse Consumer Desiree Reid & Alex Bliziotis Desiree Reid & Mario Badescu
May Testing New Methodologies to Mimic Clinical Settings (VIRTUAL part of NYSCC SD) Mike Anthonavage CRL
May Natural Colorants: Challenges and Opportunities (VIRTUAL part of NYSCC SD) Yun Shao KOBO Products
May Awards Night 2022 Giorgino Macalino Estee Lauder
May Future Chemist Workshop 2022 John Carola Protameen
June Sensory Boat Trip Johanna Gigliotti Deveraux Specialties
June Natural Ingredients Science Roger McMullen FDU
July Golf Outing Jim Francisco JEEN
August Fishing Trip Hani Fares Ashland
September Sunscreens – The Latest Updates and the Impact on the Environment Howard Epstein EMD Group
September Culinary Event Johanna Gigliotti Deveraux Specialties
October Sustainability: Green Chemistry, Upcycling, Biodiversity, Social Progress, Circularity Ben Blinder & Stacey House Gattefosse & KDC
November Scalp & Skin Microbiome – Novel Approaches to Formulate Gentle & Effective Products Mythili Nori BASF
December National SCC Event
December NYSCC Supports Education Night Arayna Ramkelawan