Scientific Committee


The NYSCC scientific committee (NYSCCSC) is charged with developing content for communication on cosmetic science, innovation, supply chain, product and ingredient development and other relevant topics for the cosmetic industry using communication platforms such as the NYSCC Website (and blog), its official Journal (Cosmetiscope) and Social Media (such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

The NYSCCSC supports the NYSCC in its educational activities (such as conferences during the year and during Suppliers Day) and participates to other Societies events organizing joint seminars, conferences, etc.

The NYSCCSC helps to divulgate scientifically proven information and reduces the misinformation on cosmetics and cosmetic science.

The NYSCCSC further reaches out to Academia to invite researchers at Colleges and Universities to speak at the NYSCC events and to contribute as advisors on specific topics.


Hani Fares (Ashland)

Mike Anthonavage (Eurofins/CRL)

Kari Arienti (Aromaknowledge)

Stephanie Biagini (Mana Products)

Ben Blinder (Gattefossé)

Catherine Chiou (L’Oreal)

Amber Evans (Moroccanoil)

Stacey House (KDC)

Peter Konish (Coty)

Roger McMullen (Fairleigh Dickinson University)

Mythili Nori (BASF)

Yun Shao (Kobo Products)