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New Product Announcement 2023

Read about all the exciting new product announced at Suppliers’ Day 2023!

Advanced Science Laboratories, Inc.:   Booth Number: 1331

Real Anti Aging Imagery!  We have been capturing faces spanning decades utilizing our Matched Scientific Photography™. NOW, for the first time ever, we are able to offer this unique photographic technique scanning over a decade of trials for age comparison studies. Adding our new RetroGrammetrix™ to your study not only tracks how the panelist has aged, but also documents exactly how much younger their skin appears after using your current product. You will be able to accurately claim “appears XX years younger”. A real anti-aging tool employing non-invasive, non-contact technology that is digitally certified unretouched.


CHT USA: Booth Number: 1620

CHT BeauSil™ Re-AMO 919 EM is the first sugar modified silicone based on recycled raw materials for hair care. <1% of CHT BeauSil™ Re-Amo 919 EM is not from natural or recycled based ingredients. Learn about this sustainable hair care solution from https://youtu.be/0AEMpSmnljs and contact consumer-care@cht.com for more information.


Citromax Group: Booth Number: 1683

Two of the Citromax Group companies, Fritzsche in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Citromax in New Jersey (U.S.), worked cross functionally to develop a lemon-based fragrance with distilation technology that enhances the organoleptic characteristics of lemon, maintaining a subtle and elegant profile.  Some of the technologies utilized include conventional fractionation distillation technologies, CINC extraction for the development of conventional and HALAL citrus extracts, and a host of other separation technologies.  Experience our first fragrance developed with distillation technology!


CLR Berlin: Booth Number: 1043

CLR launches CutiFine CLR™, the all-in-one skin refiner. Conspicuous skin pores are a great concern for consumers, especially for those who have oily and combination skin. Based on a synergistic mix of extracts of cowherb and baobab fruit pulp, CutiFine CLR™ works on all important biological processes leading to conspicuous pores, it reduces not only the size of the pores, but also the color contrast of the pores with the surrounding skin.


DayGlo Color Corp.: Booth Number: 1237

Elara Luxe™ is the latest colorant technology from DayGlo Color Corp. for the cosmetics and personal care. Elara Luxe fluorescent pigments embody clean beauty standards and define a new class of cosmetic colorants manufactured from all-natural rice protein. The product line is comprised of seven new plant-based fluorescent pigments that are microplastics free, biodegradable, vegan, kosher, and halal certified. They are ideal for a broad range of applications including water, oil, and solvent based mediums.


ECKART America Corp.: Booth Number: 949

ECKART will be launching two new pearls that have unique effects. The first one is our SynCrystal Soft Ivory. This unique pigment has an apricot bulk color and shifts to a silver undertone. Due to its small particle size range (1 Р15 µm), this novelty combines hiding powder and subtle satiny looking shimmer effects, accompanied by an excellent skin feel. This will become a staple for all your color cosmetics and personal care products.

ECKART’s Mirage pearlescent pigments have been essential in the cosmetic industry. Our Mirage line provides high gloss, color purity and a tremendous sparkle effect. This is evident with our new Mirage Twinkling Gold; a 100‚700-micron interference gold pigment. If you are looking for a replacement for glitter, both our Mirage Twinkling Gold and Silver can be a solution. They are also both Cosmos and Vegan approved.


Elevations LLC:  Booth Number: 1148

Gobiotics BV launches an upcycled and fermented range of natural polymers for hairstyling and emulsion thickening.

GOSULIN® STYLE is a combination of natural and biodegradable styling polymers obtained from sustainable agave. The other polymers are obtained through upcycled fermentation of molasses, a waste product from sugar refining.

GOSULIN® HOLD is a combination of upcycled cellulose gum and Agavins. GOSULIN® STYLE together with GOSULIN® HOLD is an improvement compared to contemporary synthetic and non-biodegradable styling polymers (such as PVP). All styling performances can be obtained with just these 2 ingredients. They combine hair wellness (whole-day intensive hair hydration, natural shine, velvet hair feel and healthy appearance) with superior curl retention and hold. The styling performance last for days. The performance outsmarts the styling properties of synthetic polymers. The sensorial aspects are far superior; no flaking and less tacky. Dull hair is transformed into healthy sensual feeling hair in just a few minutes.

RISOLINE™ TC is a cold-processable rice thickener extracted from rice agriculture leftovers, compatible with cationic ingredients and Al/Zr-salts.


EMD Electronics:  Booth Number: 333

EMD Electronics is excited to present our latest cosmetic innovation at NYSCC. Don’t miss the unveiling of our new non-metallic Ronaflux® pigments at Booth 333!  Explore the new frontiers of formulation possibilities and discover highly sparkling shades with our Ronaflux® Peacock, Specular Green, Specular Blue, and Foxy Red. This new pigment generation allows you to overcome regulatory and instability issues encountered with water-based systems around colorants. Be inspired by the effect of brilliant, pure pigment powder without the use of metals!


Essential Ingredients:  Booth Number: 1119

ADPCosmetics’ patented non-nano particle UV filter technology of maximum efficiency offers high SPF and UVA protection at use levels as low as 15% with transparent effects. The enhance-U line of broad spectrum mineral UV filters are highly efficient, photostable and hypoallergenic, while the effective-U mineral pigments line offers a booster effect for SPF, UVA-PF, and protection against blue light. Each is COSMOS/ECOCERT, registered with the FDA, and certified for use in natural & organic products.


Evonik:  Booth Number: 1301

TEGO® Care Eco CAT MB – a newly designed cationic O/W emulsifier that combines smooth sensory benefits with enhanced sustainability. The next generation cationic ester quat is readily biodegradable and shows a lower eco-tox compared to its historical counterpart.

ECOHANCE® Care PS3-a next generation solution O/W emulsifier for natural lotions and creams with an eco-optimized sourcing beyond bio-based. It is fully based on a post-industrial residue from olive oil production and supports a deforestation free supply chain. The sourcing is not in competition to food feedstock and contributes to a carbon footprint emission reduction. It offers a caring soft skin feel combined with a quick absorption.

BeautiFerm Lift – a natural ingredient obtained from fermentation of a Pichia pastoris strain found co-existing among the century-old trees of the Yosemite National Park in the United States. This strain was found to provide unique benefits through fermentation due to its upregulation of cellular activity.

BeautiFerm Resurf – elevates the positive attributes of organic rye through ecosystemic fermentation. Unlike single-strain fermentation, Evonik’s ecosystemic approach uses a multi-strain consortium of natural lactic acid bacteria which enables a broader collection of beneficial agents for the skin. The result are products that help to resurface the skin and promote the balance of a healthy skin microbiota. This family of products is available in three formats to take advantage of postbiotics and paraprobiotics while offering slightly different formulation properties: concentrate, liquid and serum.

SOPHANCE® LA-A – a mild acidic-rich sophorolipid that offers high cleansing performance for personal hygiene applications. 

SPHINOX® Immulance – an innovative and unique Ceramide based on uneven fatty acids that are known for its various health benefits as food supplements. In combination with Phytosphingosine as a base, it positively regulates the skin’s own anti-microbial defense and protects the skin by strenghtening the skin’s immune barrier.

SKINMIMICS® PRO MB – our new system solution for healthy aging. It is a synergistic and powerful combination of 7 different Ceramides embedded in a modern and globally applicable emulsifier system and without listed preservatives. Thanks to the combination of skin identical long chain Ceramides and short bioactive Ceramides, this product is the perfect solution for aging skin. It offers skin regeneration from within and an improved barrier function. 

BeautiFerm Healerine – a natural ingredient obtained from fermentation of the Reishi mushroom, which has a long tradition of use in Asian countries for its healing properties. Through the fermentation process, key metabolites of the mushroom extract are made available that support biological pathways related to cellular proliferation and migration. Over time, this is supportive of skin regeneration that leads to younger-looking skin.



Extracts-Unlimited introduces a new category of liquid plant extracts: BIO-FERMENTED EXTRACTS. Made from organic, sustainable, plant and sea algae sources. Bio-fermented with clean “Kombucha” style starter. Contains high levels of phytochemicals – and is an Inhibitor of naturally occuring unfriendly skin enzymes. Custom produced and locally made. Samples Available!


Gelest Inc.: Booth Number: 1031

Gelest is launching our IncluSiGel™ line of products, which are multifunctional polymer mixtures. The first ingredient is IncluSiGel™ 305 which is an rheology modifier, thickener, and emulsifier. More products in this line will be available later this year.

Check out Gelest’s latest brochure “Performance Ingredients for Hair Care” which was launched in March. This brochure highlights Gelest’s unique performance ingredients that add value to hair care formulations. Stop by our booth to learn more and request a digital version of the brochure.


Good Face Project: Booth Number: 1660

Publish materials to the Good Face Public Trade Name Library.

Pre-validate and publish materials to our Public Library for chemists in the moment of formulation. Stop by booth #1660 to claim your profile and get your raw materials listed for free on the Good Face Public Trade Name Library


Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. Ltd.: Booth Number: 861





Hangzhou Viablife Biotech:  Booth Number: 879

New generation Niacinamide cas:98-92-0, has two great advantages : 1. nicotinic acid less than 20ppm , the lowest in the world . 2. has 3 patents which could authorized customers to use it.  Hydroxytyrosol , antioxidant ,whitening ,anti-inflammatory , against UV radiation, caffeic acid , whitening , anti-inflammatory .


IFF – Health & Biosciences: Booth Number: 1611

IFF showcases advanced bioscience capabilities with new-to-the-world biodegradable hair conditioning biopolymer with superior performance attributes in smoothing, softening, detangling and conditioning compared to incumbent technology. AURIST™ AGC is the first ingredient enabled by the IFF’s proprietary Designed Enzymatic Biopolymers platform.

AURIST™ GHI is an all-natural rheology modifier extracted from guar bean. AURIST™ GHI is a thickener with broad compatibilities and suitable for multiple applications including skincare, haircare, leave-on and rinse-off products.


Laboratoires Expanscience: Booth Number: 741

Epionine® Bio is a new liposoluble ingredient for skin and mind well-being extracted from the seeds of the Camellia oleifera (tea-oil tree). It offers protection to dry and sensitive skin from both internal and external stressors, reduces skin stress and discomfort (cortisol and neuropeptides diminution), and strengthens the skin barrier for a hydrated and glowing skin. Epionine® Bio reduces stress levels and enhances emotional well-being, leading to a feeling of serenity and improved self-esteem.


Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd: Booth Number: 100

Libra’s new range of low-salt betaines are not a one-for-one replacement for other betaines. They are specially designed to promote betaine as the primary surfactant, replacing sulphates in formulations. Libra has two grades of low-salt betaine, 35% active Cocamidopropyl Betaine and 35% active Laurylmidopropyl Betaine, both high pH, self-preserving, and <0.5% salt. Low salt betaine products are extremely green – renewable, sustainable raw materials (from coconut, but can also be from palm), environmentally friendly, and biodegradable.

The foaming performance of LS Betaine is much stronger than for a SLES/betaine formula, so in many cases, less low-salt betaine is needed for comparable performance.


LipoTrue: Booth Number: 1361

V/WA™ is a fully vertically integrated product, completely controlling the three steps of the process: D/scover, Develop and Del/ver. V/WA™ is the active ingredient obtained from the fermentation of a newly identified Alteromonas species: Alteromonas lipotrueae. V/WA™ relaxes expression wrinkles acting along the three steps of neuromuscular communication. V/WA™ smoothed wrinkles on crow’s feet, the forehead and even those challenging hidden wrinkles that are revealed to the world when smiling or frowning.


McKinley Resources, Inc.: Booth Number: 646

McKinley Resources has partnered with Midwest Bioprocessing Center to supply FeruliShield ™ Feruloyl Glycerides which are bio-based SPF boosters with antioxidant and photo-protection capacity. FeruliShield™ products offer the ability to achieve higher SPFs while reducing the use levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide thereby diminishing the white cast issue in sunscreen formulations. FeruliShield™ photoprotects actives such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E and demonstrates a 100X increase in biodegradability compared to other UV actives.

TRI-MEA™ is a natural, upcycled hair conditioning active that mimics the effects of 18-MEA and offers a complete hair care solution. TRI-MEA™ offers benefits including split-end repair, gloss, anti-frizz and heat protection.

MacDerma™ TA (tranexamic acid) is a gentle active used to treat melasma and diminish dark spots. Unlike acids such as lactic and glycolic, tranexamic acid is not an exfoliating acid. It is gentle and safe for all skin types.


MFCI Co., Ltd: Booth Number: 461

Mfsorb® Colomate is an optimised blend of UV filters. It provides broad-spectrum protection, and can protect the inner material of transparent packaging products against fading and degradation reactions. Protects colorants against fading and degradation. Excellent photostability. For color cosmetics, shower gel, shampoos and other personal care products.

The Wrinkle Lifting Patch with Detachable Dissolvable Microneedle Technology. Promising anti-aging ingredients, including vitamin A, E and C, were loaded into all 557 micron size needles. Upon administration, those needles will be fully embedded into the desired areas, where they will be detached from the base under just 2 minute, leaving no skin damage from a short application time. The platform allow actives to be precisely delivered underneath the other most skin layer, Stratum corneum.


Mineed Technology Co., Ltd.: Booth Number: 1383

Detachable Dissolvable Microneedle Technology

Mineed Technology, a new startup with an ODM manufacturing service based on its proprietary Detachable Dissolvable Microneedle technology.

The technology enables needles to be separated from their base within 2 minutes, allowing for an instant embedment into the skin without any skin damage.

The hyaluronic acid-based needles can be packed with any bioactive up to 50–60% loading. Biologics such as peptides and nucleotides can be well stabilized in microneedles.

Wrinkle Lifting Patch – Within 2 minutes of application, micron-sized needles made of hyaluron that are packed with anti-aging vitamins and cofactors (up to 50%) can be painlessly deposited into the skin with no skin damage. Clinical results for the basic Mineed anti-aging product have been promising, with reduced wrinkle depth and count after just two weeks of treatment.

The Acne Healing Patch in the Detachable Dissolvable Microneedle.

Dark Spot Patch – An effective hyperpigmentation treatment using 2-minute Detachable Dissolvable Microneedle


Nanovetores: Booth Number: 1800

NV HyaloCollagreen is a rejuvenating booster based on vegan collagen and hyaluronic acid. . The encapsulation through the technology developed by Nanovetores allows the stabilization of sensitive components complex to be formulated in their free form. The blend can be incorporated in several formulations for cosmetics, where it promotes wrinkle filling, improves hydration, skin elasticity, reduces sagging and promotes the collagen synthesis.


Oriel Marine Extracts: Booth Number: 467

Deep Sea Magnesium, Minerals and Trace Elements Liquid Active for Skin, Hair and Oral Applications. Patented, Sustainable, Organic, Science Proven, Proprietary cellular delivery system supports Six years clinical skincare science to deliver powerful impacts on skin barrier, hydration, healing, scar reduction, collagen and hyaluronic acid upregulation and anti-inflammatory, through molecular, cellular, physiological impacts. Water based, liquid active, no masking, colour, formulation issues, supporting skin Aging, radiance, elasticity, architecture through epigenetic regulation and gene mapping.

Hyaluronic Acid & Magnesium Serum Gel. Oriel combine their liquid Magnesium, Minerals and Trace Elements with low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid to create a dynamic Serum Gel delivering these two critical skin health ingredients rapidly and efficiently. 100% Natural supporting anti-aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid water based Gel enhanced by epigenetic proven active Magnesium Minerals and Trace elements is Fragrance Free (can be added) may be adjusted for custom formulations.

Hyaluronic Acid & Magnesium Skin Recovery Hydration Spray. Oriel combine their liquid Magnesium, Minerals and Trace Elements with carefully selected Hyaluronic Acid creating a refreshingly uplifting Hydration Spritz. Liquid Magnesium fragments the HA for rapid absorption and instant effect. 100% Natural supporting anti-aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and skin tone, pre or post make up. HA water based spritz enhanced by epigenetic proven active Magnesium Minerals and Trace elements is Fragrance Free (can be added)


Pioneer In-Organics: Booth Number: 105

We are proud to introduce Floral extracts/oils extracted out of SCF Extraction technology like Jasmine absolute CO2, Rose Absolute CO2 & Mimosa & Coffee & Vanilla Extract CO2. They are absolutely CHEMICAL FREE & free from any heavy metals, aflatoxins & contain the most purest form of high & valuable notes.

We are proud to introduce the ONLY Indian Sandalwood Oil CO2 extracted out of SCF Extraction technology. It’s the most PURE & NATURAL Indian Sandalwood which is absolutely CHEMICAL FREE and also Edible by default with huge medicinal benefits as well. We are the only Global company to manufacture Sandalwood Oil CO2 by SCF extraction technology.


ROELMI HPC: Booth Number: 1067

Ener-GY plus is a cell energizer and anti-age ingredient designed to act on the skin through mitochondrial activation.

It provides positive conditions for cell metabolism, promoting ATP production in mitochondria by a positive and significant modulation of cell energizing activity.

It prevents the signs of skin fatigue for a youthful complexion by improving skin elasticity, firmness and radiance and it helps in maintaining the physiological balance in skin microbiota composition.


Salicylates and Chemicals: Booth Number: 1039

Consider incorporating lactic acid blends with AHAs and PHAs as a natural and effective alternative to traditional preservatives. These paraben free blends provide both preservation and skincare benefits, offering antimicrobial properties and a range of skincare benefits such as exfoliation, hydration, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Salicylates, we have recently launched a range of lactic acid blends with our SALIGUARD LAG, SALIGUARD LAU, and SALIGUARD LAS blends.


Sequential Bio: Booth Number: 104

Sequential Bio is a company that specializes in in vivo microbiome testing for skin, scalp, vagina/vulva and oral care formulations.

Dubbed the “Most Significant” Testing Solution in the Industry – (Cosmetics & Toiletries, 2022), we offer a full end-to-end platform from study design, recruitment, testing, analysis, support on formulation and certification for your next formulation.

Dubbed the “Most Significant” Testing Solution in the Industry – (Cosmetics & Toiletries, 2022), Sequential Bio offers a complete end-to-end solution to support in vivo microbiome-friendly claims: from study design, recruitment and testing, to analysis, support on formulation development and certification for your formulation. Sequential Bio is a biotechnology company that specializes in microbiome testing (in vivo) for formulations targeting skin, scalp, vagina/vulva and oral care.


Shenzhen Winkey Technology Co., Ltd.: Booth Number: 123

WKPep® Salaregen S, a brand new molecular structure bioactive peptide, is developed by mimicking the handpicked regenerative peptide found in the skin of a supernatural creature- Salamander with strong renewal potential. A safe alternative to EGF, promotes skin rejuvenation, repairs skin barrier and anti-aging.

WActive® Camellia Squalane is 100% derived from the seeds of the historic Chinese plant Camellia. Weightless, fresh and satiny skin feel.

WKPep® Erasin is the 3rd new ingredient in IECIC list and its trade name with assigned INCI name was registered in PCPC with new molecular structure.


SILAB inc: Booth Number: 831

SENEVISIUM® is a natural anti-aging active ingredient obtained from Ginkgo biloba, capable of reactivating the natural elimination of senescent fibroblasts by the immune system. A true longevity concentrate, it acts transversally on the dermis and the epidermis for an anti-wrinkle action and a rapid radiance-boosting effect.


Siltech: Booth Number: 1602

Siltech® PTM is a phenyl-modified silicone ideal for compatibilizing cosmetic ingredients. The inherent high refractive index for this ingredient translates to shine for hair care and glow in color cosmetics. The INCI is Phenyl Trimethicone.

Silube® Sustain 4316 is an improved sustainability alkyl functional silicone polyether emulsifier that provides premium benefits as a Water-In-Oil (invert) emulsifier. The polyether and alkyl components of Silube® Sustain 4316 are derived from biobased plant sources, rather than petroleum-based feedstocks. The product has a biobased carbon content in excess of 73%, as measured in accordance with ASTM D6866. The INCI is Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone.

Silwax® Sustain 5116 is an improved sustainability liquid alkyl dimethicone that provides excellent spreadability, emollience and pleasing sensorial in personal care. The alkyl components are derived from biobased plant sources, rather than petroleum feedstocks, assuring formulators of both functionality and improved sustainability. The product has a biobased carbon content in excess of 82%, as measured in accordance with ASTM D6866. The INCI is Cetyl Dimethicone.


Solvay: Booth Number: 1725

Solvay’s Mirasoft® SL Sophorolipids are multi-functional 100% natural biodegradable surfactants produced by fermentation, delivering Skin, Hair & Scalp Health benefits, such as sebum regulation, malodor control, on top of their biosurfactant properties.

Mirasoft® SL provides hair and body care formulators with a range of nature-derived biosurfactants that meet the desire of consumers to care for themselves and live more sustainably.

Polycare® Heat Therapy is a non-ecotoxic double-derivatized cationic guar suitable for transparent formulations that protect hair from extreme temperatures. By forming an invisible and imperceptible barrier on the hair surface, it helps maintain the hair’s physical and sensory qualities.

Polycare® Heat Therapy keeps hair soft and healthy over repeated use of flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, and any other devices using heat.


Stephenson: Booth Number: 554

Syndopal SHC 600-MB is an ultra-mild extruded syndet conditioner base. With strong deposition and cationic conditioning properties, Syndopal SHC 600-MB allows brands and manufacturers to elevate their hair care offerings, creating the full solution with solid format shampoos and conditioning bars.


Trautec Medical Technology Co., Ltd.: Booth Number: 1574

Introducing Mini-ReCal 3, our 5kDA small molecule Type 3 vegan collagen. Its transdermal absorption and high activity are confirmed by HPLC-MS/MS identification. The main features are anti-aging, wrinkle relief, firming elasticity, soothing restorative, and skin barrier repair.

SRHC Type III, 5KDA Low Molecule

Transdermal absorption collagen direct supplement.

High active site of human type III collagen (cell adhesion RGD, integrin binding GES/GET/GER). Non-animal origin, certified Vegan and Halal.

The concept of synthetic biology builds small molecule exclusive chassis microorganisms. High-density expression fermentation recombinant design exceeded expectations for mass production. HPLC-MS/MS precision mass spectrometry identification meets expectations.


TRI-K Industries Inc.: Booth Number: 1425

Galguard® Tetra is an amino acid-based preservative blend that is readily biodegradable and a great alternative to traditionally used preservatives. This broad-spectrum liquid blend is easy to incorporate into leave-on and rinse-off formulations.

EssentiaTein™ Protect is TRI-K’s newest launch for pollution-proof hair! EssentiaTein™ Protect’s targeted enzymatic process delivers multi-benefit efficacy in one product. Anti-pollution with active benefits to protect hair’s cuticle from UV rays, lock-in hydration, and enhance shine. This unique technology of sustainable ingredients, Rice, Baobab, and Amaranth provides continuous protection against daily pollution, UV damage, and oxidative stress, restoring the cuticle for healthier-looking, hair with a mirror-like shine.

Fision® HydraTress delivers balanced moisture protection for 24-hour frizz control in any environment, on various hair types. This unique product instantly improves shine, for softer ends and enhances hair conditioning while detangling for increased manageability. Fision® HydraTress features key ingredients, quinoa protein, pea peptide, and hyaluronic acid, that are plant-based and vegan compliant. Our studies show that Fision® HydraTress significantly decreases frizz in any environment while demonstrating improved sensory attributes on a single application. This optimized solution has an NOI of 0.90.

Galguard™ Lipo G is an amino acid-based antimicrobial booster technology that brings many benefits to personal care formulations. It supports the preservation system and brings additional benefits such a sebum regulation, pH restoration, control of acne and dandruff microorganisms for balanced skin and scalp. A true multi-tasker!! LipoG is produced via a patented green chemistry process featuring non-hazardous reagents and a biodegradable catalyst.


Ultra Chemical: Booth Number: 207

UV light can kill the microbiota in as little as 15 mins, leaving skin exposed and unprotected to free radicals, fungi, and bacteria. preBIULIN AGA is an inulin based natural prebiotic clinically proven to restore the microbiota after disruption from UV exposure. In a recent study, preBIULIN AGA was shown to return the microbiota closer to its original state after UV disruption compared to the control.

preBIULIN AGA is an inulin based natural prebiotic clinically proven to restore the microbiota after disruption from harsh facial washes. In a recent study, results show that 2 hours after washing the face with a 10% sodium cocoyl glutamate wash with preBIULIN AGA, C. acnes was reduced and S. epidermidis was controlled vs. no C. acnes reduction and an increase of S. epidermidis with the control (10% sodium cocoyl glutamate wash).


Viablife Biotech: Booth Number: 879

Viablife is a leading biomanufacturer of natural ingredients and aims to develop sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective biomanufacturing processes for valuable products.

The “must have” ingredient in skin care–New-Generation Niacinamide:

Skin brightening, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, barrier function.

New technology–three unique nicotinamide production patents.

New process–novel production process exclusively for premium cosmetic ingredients.

New efficacy–safer and more effective, Nicotinic acid<20ppm, the best on the market.

>99% high purity, high quality whitening

Viablife is a leading biomanufacturer of natural ingredients and aims to develop sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective biomanufacturing processes for valuable products. Hydroxytyrosol is a natural phytochemical that belongs to the polyphenol family, and is known to be the primary antioxidant found in olives.

Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-aging, UV protection, antibacterial, >99% high purity by using our leading biosynthesis and fermentation technology. No pesticides, fertilizer residual, light color, and minimal odor, an ideal application in cosmetic products.

Viablife® Ceramide NP is a natural product based on fermentation-derived phytosphingosine. Like most natural ceramides, Viablife® Ceramide NP is composed of a phytosphingosine backbone and saturated fatty acid acylation, which, unlike chemically synthesized ceramide-like products, is identical to the naturally occurring ceramide NP in the skin. Due to its well-known properties of moisturization, anti-aging, and barrier function improvement, Ceramide NP is a popular ingredient in high-quality cosmetic products.