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NYSCC Announces Upcoming 2021 At Home Live and Webinar Schedule

New Scientific Educational Programs to Advance Cosmetic and Personal Care Formulation & Product Development

(New York, NY, January 2021)—The New York Society of Cosmetics Chemists (NYSCC), the largest chapter of SCC, announces three new virtual educational programs for beauty and personal care chemists and product development professionals.  The upcoming programs will be on the latest topics and trends in cosmetic chemistry and formulations.

The At Home Live 2.0 on “Fatty Acids and Triglycerides in Personal Care,” will take place on Thursday, January 21st from 11:00 am–12:00 pm ET.   This free program will focus on the relationship between melt point, saturation, and oxidative stability of plant-based oils and fats and is being presented by Benjamin Schwartz, Senior Personal Care Application Specialist, at AAK Inc.

            Two more in-depth webinars featuring panels on:  “Solving Difficult Formulation Issues,” on January 28th from 11:00 am-1:00 pm ET, and “Formulating for Inclusion,” on February 18th from 11:00 am–12:00 pm ET, are also part of NYSCC 2021 educational agenda.

Led by event chair, Howard Epstein, PhD., “Solving Difficult Formulation Issues: Formulating, Testing, and Marketing,” will feature panelists Mark Chandler, President , ACT Solutions Corp.; Perry Romanowski, Independent Cosmetic Chemist; Tony O’Lenick, President and Founder of Nascent Technologies Corporation; and Dr. K.P. Ananth, Professor and Director, Cosmetic Science Programs, College of Pharmacy at University of Cincinnati.  These four recognized international experts will describe a formulation or testing for product claims challenge they have experienced and how the challenge was solved.

Formulating for Inclusion:  Conscious Creation for Consumers of African Ancestry,” chaired by Sonia Dawson, will feature panelists Hannah Diop, Founder, Sienna Naturals; Andrew Miller, Hair Care Marketing Manager BASF; Meg Mullen, Actives Marketing Manager BASF and more to be announced.  They will engage in an enriching dialogue about formulating for the unique needs of consumers of African ancestry and address the what, why and how of skin care, hair care, and color cosmetic formulating on February 18th at 11:00 am ET.

Additional educational programs to provide year-round learning and important information for beauty and personal care chemists and formulators will be announced  soon by NYSCC including an in-depth “Digital Age of Beauty,” program on February 25th. Top trend and analytic forecasters and technology innovators from Google, NPD, Croda, L’Oreal, Perfect Corp and more will share the latest consumer insights and inventive technologies such as AI and AR, that will influence beauty and personal care product development.

Suppliers’ Day, the main event in North American for innovations in ingredients and formulation will take place in 2021, and is the cornerstone of the NYSCC programming and activities.

“Embracing Beauty, is this year’s theme for NYSCC and embodies what makes us different, also makes us beautiful,” said Susanna Fernandes. “This theme will also celebrate what our members create and will be woven throughout these educational programs and our other initiatives each month.”

Registration information for the upcoming NYSCC At Home Live and Webinar series can be found here: https://nyscc.org/event-schedule/.   For more information about NYSCC visit www.nyscc.org and for Suppliers’ Day info contact suppliersday@nyscc.org.


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